Hello, and welcome to my little slice of the interweb. This blog shall contain my views and thoughts and a random topic that mostly I will think up, or on occasion a topic that has been suggested too me by friends. I am open to suggestions from you blogees as well. On the weekends I plan to write reviews in three areas; Games, Music and Moving Pictures. The Moving Pictures section will comprise either a television show or a Movie, it;s the only title I could think of. So yes, that is all I can think of right now to add for this part. Read and enjoy a glimpse into the thoughts of this crazy individual.


This is a schedule of what I will post. I will stick to it religiously, unless I have a damn good excuse which I will announce as soon as I am able. The schedule is;

Monday to Thursday – Blog on a random topic

Friday – Review of a Game

Saturday – Review of Music

Sunday – Review of a Moving Image


I am completely happy for people to get involved and to comment or send complaints or whatever you have, but I have one rule. Feel free to argue on any topic you have your own views on, I will most likely join in, but I don’t want it to deteriorate into te taboo areas. That is pretty much any form of discrimination that is to far; racism, homophobia, sexism etc. Anything else is pretty much fair game.


Thank you for reading people, hope you like it.

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