First Post

Posted: February 13, 2012 in Views

Hello blogging world. This is the first post to any blog for me, so big step. Quite frequently in lectures in University we get reminded it would be a good idea for us to make a blog so future employers can see we have got experience. I am a Journalism student by the way, just for some context. So yes, I will be updating this most likely daily with all the thoughts or random rants I have of the day, hence the title of this blog. That being as it is, it will sometimes be interesting, surreal, annoying and many other things, but as I warning I might swear when the need arises, so be prepared. Since it is half one in the morning I shall be leaving it here. After my lecture tomorrow I will come home and get used to the buttons of WordPress, tweak the page to make it more me, add to the about section so you know who you know who to sue when I go too far, and add my first real post. The excitement is too much, please try to contain yourselves. For now blogosphere, I bid you adieu.

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