My first proper post will be about something very close to my heart, games. I am a complete nerd, and I have next to no social life and spend a lot of my free times playing games. I can admit this since I am not ashamed; it is a hobby I plan to turn into a career writing for a games magazine. Every nerds dream is it not?

Today I played Final Fantasy XIII-2 for the first time, and the game turned out to be a complete ball buster for me. This is because I have bashed XIII ever since I played it. I hated every aspect of it. The lack of towns, the lack of picking your party till chapter 13, the stupid linear paths you always follow with no exploration, that annoying little parasite called Hope. He did my head right it. Needless to say I had low expectations of XIII-2, to the point where I wasn’t going to waste my time with it. Then my sister got it, and I happened upon her playing it. There I saw a character who dual wields and the monster system of the game. I love dual wielding and monsters, so I decided to play it for a bit today. Oh. Dear. God. It is far and away an astronomical improvement to its predecessor, and I’ve only played 2 hours. About an hour in they let you have control of the setup of your party and who you play as, which is much earlier than chapter 13. Also, as far as I’ve heard you keep the two same members the entire game, so you can focus on making them better instead of thinking you will be swapped to some whiny little runt who is sodding useless. The variable in the party is the Monster. Oh the monster. It is an incredible system. I won’t go into detail but it is just wow. Then my sister got home and reclaimed it, so I moved onto a game I haven’t played since last year, Persona 3.

Every time I mention the words Shin Megami Tensei to anyone I get blank looks. That is just wrong, it is a fantastic series of games, and Persona 3 is the greatest game I have ever played. I popped it in the old PS2 (I am in the group that it befuzzled that Sony did not make the PS3 backwards compatible) and at the first glance the sheer brilliance of the game smacked me square in the face. The music selection is just so fantastic. The pre-menu movie has a kick-ass song, and then the opening movie has an awesome track too, not as awesome as the first but oh so great. Speaking of the movies, I love how they are animated; it is like an anime, which is awesome on the face of it. The characters in the game are so interesting and develop really well, the battle system is great beyond words (you shoot yourself in the head and have monsters and people come out and attack), the story is brilliant, and the daily schedule system they use is great. The game as a whole is just indescribable. Any words I use will not do it justice. More people should experience its greatness, I implore you to buy it and bask in its magnificence. The writers, developers, programmers, everyone got it dead on; I have nothing bad to say about this game. And I can always find something that annoys me.

That’s it for my first post. I promise tomorrow will be something less nerdtastic. So for now, live long and prosper. Had to have a nerdy ending for this one.

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