“Reality” Shows

Posted: February 14, 2012 in TV
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Sitting in front of the TV before, as I am prone to do, I saw one of the overly shown adverts of the mass produced bullshit that is reality TV shows. And I use the term reality loosely. In fact, the word show is a stretch too. They are all awful, awful, AWFUL abominations. I am talking about shows like “Only Way is Essex” and all those sickening things. One of them is too much, and there is more than one of them. I shall not sit here and count them for fear that my brain will turn to mush and I will die through the sheer terribleness of the shows. I personally blame Big Brother. I do not like the show but there’s no getting away from the fact that it is popular. If people want to watch 24 hours of people being trapped in an enclosed space then too each their own. Joseph Fritzl took it too far but Endemol found a good compromise. Too soon?

As I said, it is a popular concept tomany people, but theres the problem. The reality concept proved too popular, and then some other leech decided to take this concept and strip the reality element from it. Thats problem one. It is all scripted and staged, but the producers and “cast” still have the audacity to call it reality. Even after everyone found out it was fake they still went on to say shit like “Oh, the settings are fixed but the dialogue is spontaneous”. No Mr Fake Tan, it is ALL complete and utter crap. Speaking of Mr Fake Tan, the people they find for these things. Oh dear GOD the people. I have never seen a bigger bunch of big-headed, ego-driven, up their own backside arrogant tools, to put it nicely. Seriously, I had to resist the urge to overly use the f-word when describing these things. I hate them all. In one of the adverts a pretty boy claimed he had “The power of the comb-over”. He sounded like a complete and utter arse. Also, in one of my classes at university our lecturer decided to show us clips of reality shows. I will never forgive him for that. It took 2 hours of traveling to watch 1 and a half hours of crap. In one of the clips, a man declared himself “The King of Essex”. I cannot find the words to describe how angry this makes me feel. So much ego is unsafe for anyone. And the entire cast act like sleeping around with everything that moves is an achievement. They are going to all die of STDs. In high school we had someone in class who I’m pretty sure ran off ego, so I’m used to some arrogance, but these people. They make me so angry I want to hurt someone.

The last big issue I have (that I can recall. My memory is terrible) is the quantity of them. There are just way too many of them. Everywhere you look they are there. Fake tan and implants at every turn, it makes me sick. I don’t see how anyone can sit through them willingly and not have to go immediately sit in the corner of the shower washing with sand paper and crying over the atrocity they watched. I do not like anything about the people in the show or the people who make the shows.

As I said before, I will not watch them under any circumstances, but I don’t have any quarrel with actual reality TV. I’m pretty sure the idea for Big Brother came from one of the greatest books ever, Nineteen Eighty-Four. Who can hate anything from that? But, all this fake reality TV has to go. It must go far away into the woods and die, horribly and painfully. No-one will mourn, and the world will be a MUCH better place.

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