Posted: February 15, 2012 in Miscellaneous

I swear a lot in life, it has to be said. I don’t go out of my way to swear in every situation I find myself in, it just sometimes slips out. However, I really mad when I’m out with my mother and she constantly tells me to stop it. Apart from being annoyed that she treats me like a child still, it is frustrating that she, amongst many other people, acts like it’s the biggest atrocity that anyone has ever committed. The truth is it is a tiny, insignificant thing that means next to nothing. There are people out there that are racist, sexist, homophobic etc. and yet I hear more complaints about swearing. I never smoke, never drink and never do drugs, and yet people still look down on me for using obscenities. It seems people have extremely messed up priorities when it comes to this stuff.

I don’t understand why people hate it do much. All it does is allow people to describe things in more detail or express feelings better. For example, what is more impacting; “You are a fool” or “You are a fucking moron?”? It is the second one people. The first one just sounds limp in comparison. Plus, it shows a level of maturity and intelligence in a way. You know more words and the definition of the words. I dislike when people say “It shows a lack of intelligence”. It does not. I was top sets all years in all classes in high school, and I know a lot of words. Just because I swear it doesn’t mean that I am an idiot. Stephen Fry is an extremely intelligent person, and his views on swearing are the same as mine. In an interview he said that people who say swearing shows a lack of intelligence are “fucking lunatics”. I think we can take his word for that. Also, I am guessing that Stephen Hawking swears as well. Or at least I hope so. It would be amusing to hear. As a side note, isn’t it weird that two of the smartest living people have the first name Stephen? Could be something in that.

Anyway, to some up, swearing is not something people should shun. It helps people express their feelings easier and in a more impacting way. Plus, it is Fry approved, and who can argue with him? Watch QI, you won’t win.

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