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Posted: February 16, 2012 in Miscellaneous
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Pretty much everyone who uses the internet will have a favourite browser. That is perfectly understandable. However I don’t see how some people can hate certain browsers like they slept with their partner whilst crapping on their dog. Personally, I prefer Firefox. I like the layout of the browser and all the add-ons and such. In all honesty, the main reason I like it is because of the logo, plus the name Firefox reminds me of Vulpix. To the extent that the shortcut for Firefox on my desktop is renamed Vulpix. I am planning to change the logo to a picture of Vulpix but I may forget and worry that I cannot get onto the internet to do important things like blog to my many, many readers. I can dream.

I have met people who, whenever the topic of internet comes up, like nothing more than to spew out insults towards Internet Explorer. I don’t like the browser myself, mostly because it is too basic and dull. The only reason I use it on any computer is to download Firefox. Oh, and recently to play Cut the Rope. I’m stuck on level 2-7 though upsettingly. Side note, how cute is Om Nom? I love him. Not as much as Penguins. I love me some Penguins. I have a collection of 15 or 16 Penguin memorabilia, comprising DVDs and stuffed teddies. I am not ashamed. I forgot where I got to let me check.

Oh right of course. So yeah, I dislike Internet Explorer but I’m not going to go around shouting about how bad it is like a complete lunatic. I get weird looks as it is. Opera is a nice little browser. I use the mini one on my mobile. It works fine apart from the fact that my home seems to be in a mobile internet black out zone recently. Never works. Also it doesn’t show my e-mails from UCLAN properly, but it does the job. You can’t expect perfection from a mobile brower. It isn’t a smart phone or anything like that. I’ve also been informed that Chrome is quite like Firefox, so that must be good. Even Safari is not bad enough to hate. Macs are though. A fecking nightmare to save on. Had to use them in college and they were nothing but trouble.

But I ramble. Fancy that. The point is people need to hate where hate is needed. Browsers are a waste. Hate homophobes and sexists and racists. Especially racists. I think tomorrow I will talk about my hate towards them people. Look forward to it, and to all you browser haters, simmer down ok?


And last of all, I have been toying with a side project on this blog. Three weekly updates. One on Friday, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. The normal blog will still be updated separately so no worries. Let me know what you think of the weekenders. Bye.

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