Posted: February 17, 2012 in Views

Morality. It is a fickle thing I find. I was on the bus today and started drifting off, as I am prone to do, and got to thinking. It seems that being bad and selfish gets you what you want, and being good and selfless just leaves you with moral fulfilment. I know I just pretty much gave the definition of selfish and selfless but it is true. For example, let’s take infidelity. I would never cheat on someone, but I know some people do sadly. What’s the point? If you’re going to be a dickhead like that then be single you tool. Anyway to the point. Taking the bad choice gets you what you want, you get who you want and you are happy. Whereas if you do the good thing and refrain from it, you won’t be happy, and you will have to be depressed that you don’t have the person you want. So based on them facts, it pays better to do the bad thing really. Apart from that fact that the persons partner may find out a stick a shotgun up your ass.

It would be rather easy to be swayed to do the bad thing for the reward, since all you get if you be good is the knowledge that you are being good. I have probably repeated myself on this over and over, but it is a thinker. I try to do what is right in all the situations I am in, but it is tempting to be selfish sometimes and get what I want. Like I give up a lot of my time looking after my nephew for my sister, and I dislike him. He is germy, smelly and annoying. I could easily be doing something better since there are other people who can sit him, but I do it to be nice. This rambling won’t make much sense, but it is just something to think about.

It’s like the movies and games and all that fiction. Being “Evil” gets you rewards, whereas being “Good” makes you end up sacrificing something. It all just depends on the type of person you want to be really. Ramble over.

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