Posted: February 18, 2012 in Views
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What’s this? An update from me at nine-ish? It’s true you are not dreaming. This is the topic I said I would visit in the post on Thursday, about people and their discriminations. If anyone reading this is racist, sexist or another -ist then you will be insulted. Just a warning. Let’s start.

I am a white British male, so I have never been discriminated against. I’ve been bullied by a couple of wankers in High School but who hasn’t been? I have had it easy compared to many other people. The people I mean are anyone gay, coloured, of different nationally, women and other sucks harmless things. They suffer needless ridicule and at times violence for something they can’t control. How pathetic is that? Really? Just because of a minor, in the grand scheme of things, difference people think that the “different” one is beneath them. These discriminators are usually scum. The type you see on Jeremy Kyle.

I don’t see anything wrong with people being different. I’ve met people who try to justify their discriminations by saying shit like “I was sneezed on by a Chinese person and now all the population of China are rude pricks, arrrrrgggghhhhhh!!!!!!” Yes, one person from another denomination may do something bad to you, but you do not hate the entire group for that. It’s so childish and disgusting. Those same people who hate a group for nothing are usually the pricks who attack randomers because of it. You don’t stab someone unless it is in defence, defiantly not over some stupid hatred.

Worse is when you find someone who is, say, racist for no reason. And I mean none. I’ve spoke to a racist who stuttered when I asked why he hates black people and he changed the subject. He also chooses a shit subject to move onto. Dreadful man, don’t talk to him anymore. And then there are homophobes. Just because someone likes the same gender as them, people think of them as disgusting and wrong. That is awful; homosexuals deserve the same amount of respect and decent human behaviour as anyone. Just because of whom they like it’s no reason to hate them. And I really don’t understand sexism. Because women are women, they are apparently less than men. They earn less, had to fight to vote and are general second-class. That’s just bullshit on so many levels.

The only way you should judge people is on their actions. Everything all is irrelevant to a point. Discrimination is useless and causes hatred where there shouldn’t be one. It leads to violence and vandalism and general arseholeary that is just so unnecessary. I hate discrimination. Does that make me discriminatory? Just a question.


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