Posted: February 19, 2012 in Miscellaneous
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Konichiwa reader-san. As you can tell from that, my Japanese is awful. Not as bad as them people who go to another country and just yell REALLY LOUD IN ENGLISH! I feel sorry for other countries when us folk go over. Anyway, onto the main body of this.

It is a shame that I cannot speak Japanese, because I love the country. The culture of the place is amazing; all of the art and the architecture are just incredible. Much better then are blocky brick buildings. It can be amazingly detailed with all the wooden shades and the tiers, it is beautiful. Most Japanese people are either Buddhists are Shintoists. I love Buddhists for a kick off, the religion is just so cool and you know if you piss them off they will whip out some monk skills and end you. The Shinto religion is quite interesting. The main reason it sounds quite nice is the places you “worship”, if that’s what they do, are with decorated with waterfalls and statues and arches. If I was going to be religious it would be one of them. Defiantly not Christianity though. Between the crusades and the preachers you see, and the whole “Believe or burn fucker!!!!!!!!!!!” I don’t find the concept appealing. Anyway yeah, Shinto seems amazing. Also, the history is amazing. The Feudal era, the samurais and assassins and all that jazz is amazing. Moving onto modern day Japan, I love the gaming aspect of the country. Shin Megami Tensei! I love all of the games out of Japan, and it upsets me that I cannot play most games I like until they are ported into English. I want to learn Japanese to play the games. It is a stupid reason to want to learn the language, but I have others so it is fine. The way it is written with all the symbols and things like that, plus it sounds awesome.

I read a book called Tokyo Vice, lent to me by my friend, and the way the author talks about the place makes it sound amazing. I want to live there for a while when I am older. Being a games journalist would have even more perks since I would be able to play good games even earlier. I have also looked at picture of the city and it just looks magic. Japan and Minnesota are two places I really want to visit. Hopefully I can make enough money too constantly commute between the two places. How great would that be? I have endless admiration for the country, and I wish I could be there now.

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