Posted: February 20, 2012 in Views
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I am a vegetarian, so it goes without saying that I love animals. They are so awesome in their own little ways. For example, who wouldn’t want the Dinosaurs to be alive again? It would be so awesome having your own pet raptor! I have got three favourite animals, the Penguin, the Wolf and the Ferret. People who dislike any of these are weird.

Penguins, for a start, are just so cute. They waddle around all small and suits and dressed in little tuxedos. How can you not love little butler animals?! Plus, have you seen the Futurama episodes with the Penguins? They learn how to use guns, how cool is that? The way they waddle is quite cool as well. Fun to watch. I wish I could capture a Penguin and take it home with me. Obviously I would put it in a suitable habitat, turn the shed into Arctic conditions or something like that. Like I mentioned before, I have tons of Penguin items and I will continue to collect. Yes, I am actually this awesome. Plus, they are the only animals I can sort of draw, so that is good. It is depressing that I’ve never seen one in my life, I must rectify this soon. But yes, Penguins are just in general awesomeness to the max!

Next, the Wolf. They look quite awesome to begin with. I can’t really describe why, but I just think they look kick ass. Sort of in a cute slash badass way. If anything signifies awesomeness in an animal it is the ability to rip another being to pieces in mere seconds. Imagine that as a pet? Commanding it to attack anyone you like, your house would be safe for ever. It is one of the better animals to have as a pet. The best pets would be Wolf, Penguin, Griffins, Dinosaur and Dragon. However, all of these seem quite impossible to get, so I will go for the best feasible animal to me. The Ferret.

I think Ferrets are quite cute in their own way. They are also extremely friendly, so you don’t have to worry about them being antisocial, which is great in a pet. I also like the thought of being able to walk around with it on my shoulder or in my bad, so I can have it with me wherever. The only downside is apparently they smell quite bad, but I could just get used to it. Anyway, yeah. That’s my view on animals. I love them all, and I want a Ferret. An insight into me.

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