Posted: February 21, 2012 in Sports
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I enjoy watching sports, and playing them for that matter. Being 6 foot 6/7 inches gives a good advantage in Basketball, plus I just love Basketball anyway. I am more bothered about American sports other than English though. Football is just dull as hell to watch, and I’m also sickened that some major clubs are pussyfooting around the action against homophobia in football campaign. It’s an important issue and there is no excuse not to act against it. Rugby is ok, but I don’t understand why they can’t pass forward, and I have never seen a clip or game of Rugby that got me interested. And as for Cricket, I am just indifferent towards that game. I don’t like it but I don’t hate it.

American Sports however are amazing. Football over there is amazing. I love watching the games, they are so technical and at times savage, which is great. Plus I’ve seen some great clips. For example, a man scoring a touchdown by flipping over a defender. And by over, I mean the defender was stood in his way, and the rusher leaped and flipped straight OVER the defender, and landed. Properly. It. Was. Amazing. And another clip was a rusher catching a kick-off and scoring a return touchdown by running up and down the field with the entire opposition following. It was awesome. The greatest rusher was Randy Moss, in terms of skill. He is a bit of a dick. Then Baseball is good as well. It is good to watch, especially when a Grand Slam happens. I cannot pinpoint why I like it so much, but I do. Next up, Ice Hockey. Now, this is like UFC on ice. Another great sport. The checking and fighting is just funny. Plus it is quite fast paced. And it requires skill being able to ice skate, not fall over and control the puck and fire. And to get it in the net when a big goalie is taking up about 80% of it. I enjoy it. Lastly there is Basketball. I love it. Mostly because I play it myself and like it. It is also a fast paced game, which makes it better than other sports. I love it tons, I can’t describe why.

Timberwolves, Wild, Vikings and Twins. Best teams. Even if the Vikings are sucking recently.



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