College vs University

Posted: February 22, 2012 in Miscellaneous

I never thought that I would say this, but I actually miss my time in college. I am enjoying University I’ve made two or three friends, same number as in college actually, but so far it’s a bit depressive. Mostly because I have to be up at six every morning and I hate that.

There is a tremendous difference in the levels between them. I knew they were different but I didn’t expect this much. In college the teachers pretty much do all of the work for you, which is good, means you know it’s going to be right before you hand it in. Hell, I had to go back for two extra weeks to get my grades up on tons of works. I don’t see any of the teachers in University spending two weeks regarding work. Also, I’ve been in University for a semester and about four or five weeks, and so far I’ve done one essay, one test and one group assessment, and now I have another group assignment and another essay. I didn’t even know I had one of the essays until yesterday. And we have already gone out tons to get hand on experience. So University is good in the sense that you get tons of experience straight away. Tutors have also sent us tons of e-mails about work experience and arranged mass loads of special guest’s lectures. Unfortunately I have forgotten to attend the majority of them; I have a pad I should write this shit down in. I forget to carry it with me. I am forgetful.

Thinking back over my choices in education, starting from options in High School through to end of College, I wish that I choose everything differently. It would have helped tons right now, I picked truly awful lessons. But at least in College I had good teachers. The downside being the receptionists won’t let anyone who isn’t a “current” student into the college. Ah, well. There is two other ways that no one bothers to watch, easy as pie. Security is shit in colleges.

Thinking about it, I prefer University. The industry contacts, lectures and all the experience makes the six o’clock wake ups worth it. So anyone not in University, it’s a bitch but quite enjoyable if you pick a subject you like. Tip of the day.

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