Posted: February 23, 2012 in Views
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This idea came from a friend that I spoke to today after he told me he liked Katy Perry. Personally, I think she is awful but if he likes it then more power to him for admitting it. We discussed it and decided that people should not judge people on what music they like. By that, I mean if someone likes a shite artist you shouldn’t bad mouth them. Thinking on that point, it put me in mind of Chavs and Emos and Goths and all that shit. Isn’t all that just a waste of time?

I’m not going to say “you shouldn’t judge people by their covers” because you can’t really help it. In an ideal world there would be no judgement until after you got to know the person, but this isn’t that world. Personally, if I see a person walking down the street with a cap down over their eyes and pants halfway down there ass I immediately think “what an absolute douche”. And if they “swagger” down the road all hunched, words cannot express the anger. I don’t mind the cap on a normal day, but Jesus, how hard is it to pull up your pants? Morons. But, I see no point in labelling people as chavs or Goths are shite just because of what they wear. It’s just what the people want to wear. It is shit that people mock others over what they wear and what music they listen too. Plus it is probably wrong anyway. Someone might look like an “Emo”, however that’s meant to look, but that doesn’t mean they spend all their time rocking back and forth in a corner cutting themselves. Also, I had a friend that was “chavy”, and not once did he even TRY to stab me.

All the violence that goes on over this shit is ridiculous anyway. People going out and assaulting someone just because of how they dress. It is just stupid. Why would someone attack someone just over clothes? It is terribly worrying that our generation has determinate into this.


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