Posted: February 25, 2012 in Views
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I am currently lying on my bed with I, Robot on the TV trying to wolf down my mini pizzas so I can get back to Mass Effect. One week and six days away to the release of ME3 and I decided to restart as a different class. So I have to redo Mass Effect numerous times to get my guy perfect and then complete ME2, which I have never played. I got too caught up in trying to perfect Mass Effect character that I got bored and stopped playing it for a few months. No matter what I do, when my laptop is on so is Facebook, but I have absolutely no idea why.

From what I can tell, Facebook is useless. What does it do? You can talk to people. Yes, but I can also text people that I want to speak too, and this was before Facebook and that stupid Blackberry chat thing. I hate BlackBerrys. The chat thing is just phone racism essentially. It’s like “You are different then us, therefore we shall exclude you from our circle of speaking”. I have unlimited texts, fuck BlackBerrys. That’s all they have going for them, I can get e-mails off my phone. That’s beside the point. It is good that you can find new friends on Facebook, and organise events and all that junk. But you can also do that in person, all Facebook does is take away the human element. That is just bad though isn’t it? I’d prefer to organise and talk to people in person, that way I am being sociable. Most of my time is spent behind a computer be it for leisure or for education. Any chance I get to be outside and speak to my friends I would take.

And then there are those little Facebook games. Like Farmville. What the hell do people see in Farmville? I’m not going to say that it’s stupid that people build virtual lives in games. I play Sims so I do that too in a sense. But the difference is I don’t panic going “Oh my god! I have got to feed my Sims today or he will die!! Get off the computer it’s urgent!!!” My sister plays something like that Farmville thing, and she nearly had a goddamn panic attack because she had about an hour before her plant died or pie burnt or something like that. I have never been so involved in a game were I’d almost breakdown over missing something. It is ridiculous. I’m guessing there are some people who if they were having sex and realised they only had an hour before their crops died would immediately stop and run to the computer. It’s just wrong.

No matter all the bad stuff though, I won’t stop using Facebook. It’s somehow hardwired itself into people brains so even though we know it’s useless and nothing interesting ever happens on it, we will still check it all the time. It isn’t healthy for our generation to be like this, but then again neither is playing games most of your free time. I guess I’m just a hypocrite.


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