Posted: February 26, 2012 in Views
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Why are there no good adverts on TV? I watch a lot of it, or it is on in the background when I am doing other things, and from what I have seen, there is only one set of adverts that I like to watch, and that is the Fosters adverts. They are awesome adverts, proper funny and they don’t get annoying.

Some of the worst adverts I have seen are those god awful Direct Line adverts. They try to be funny whereas in reality they make me want to rip my ears off. They have somehow taken funny man like Alexander Armstrong, tremendous in Armstrong on Miller, one of the greatest shows ever, and made him into an unfunny annoyance. And then that annoying prick who rings up and thinks its “Stttteeeeeeevvvvvveeee”. I HATE those adverts with a vengeance. Pretty much all adverts go like this. They try to be funny and they are not, they suck something fierce. Or there are the ones try to be all symbolic and “deep” like the perfume adverts. They are all awful. It’s just all the same storyline, if you can call it that. Two people almost get together or are together and they one of them leaves. What message is that sending? “Buy this and it will cause someone to be interested in you momentarily and then they will go away”. That is attractive. I don’t see the point in adverts either. I have never watched an advert and immediately went out to buy the product based on what I have seen in an advert. All of my purchases are made from personally taste and preference.

I like game adverts, and music adverts. Mainly because you actually get to have a taste of what you are getting. With music they play a few tracks that you can listen to decide if you like it or not so you can make an informed decision. Not just show the cover and go “This looks like a box, but it contains a disk, on this disk is something like cheese. It tastes bad”. I know no advert has ever done that, but it’s the gist of them all. Game ones show you a trailer of the game so you go “Woo have great is that?!” Although to be fair they only show the good bits and not some of the dull bits, but they still have to sell games, at least they show some coherent truth.

But anyway yeah. Adverts suck, and they need to stop trying to be funny, most of them are just terrible.

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