Posted: February 27, 2012 in Game Related
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I have decided that from now on each day I will do the updates when I think of something for the blog. Every time I leave it I end up forgetting what I was going to talk about, and that sucks. This was going to be yesterday’s update since I read the article on the upcoming release, but an hour later I forgot. Can remember jack shit and I am in university. I am proof that there is hope for anyone kids. Although I do hope no kids read this, I don’t want angry responses from parents when I am responsible for a spike in swearing. Anyway, onto Pokémon!

The games have been around since 1996 in one form or another, and I have loved it since then. I can even remember when I got the first Pokémon, as a child sitting on the window ledge waiting for my mum to get home from Argos with the old as hell Gameboy and Pokémon Red. Good day. Ever since then the franchise have branched out to all Nintendo products. And yes, while it is not a big deal that it’s stayed on the Nintendo platforms, it has still produced great games. For example, Pokémon Snap, Pokémon Coliseum and Pokémon Stadium. How fantastic where those games? And the link features they had? Genius. Train your party up on the Gameboy and kick the hell out of free battle mode on Coliseum. I still need to play Coliseum XD though. Hint hint to anyone who owns it. Shameless pandering people! Anyway, next.

One of the biggest pitfalls of the genre for most people has been the never changing roster of catchable Pokémon. From 150 to begin with (151 if you count that god forsaken Mew) up to the now 649 strong cast in Black and White. And they have filled it with crap like Rubbish. A garbage bag as a Pokémon. There is a point where it gets sad. And they have just reskined Pokémon. For example, Pidgey in Pokémon R/B/Y up to Pidove in B/W. They didn’t even hide it well; it is all the same Pokémon in different outfits. Whenever I think of it I am reminded of Lee Evans’s bit about the Olympics and people just running around the back to put one another coat. Hilarious guy he is. But yes anyway, too many Pokémon and there all the same. I am still going to try fill up the Pokedex though. Any Pokemaniac would.

Now, the main bit of this article, Dun da da dunnnnn, the announcement of Pokémon Black and White 2. Good news to begin with, it is being released this autumn, that’s good news isn’t it? I can’t wait. I was like the rest of the world; I thought it was going to be Grey. So far this is all we know; autumn release, and it’s the first “direct sequel to a main series Pokémon game”. Apparently Coliseum XD doesn’t count. I know it is main but I loved Coliseum. Did I mention that?

What I can’t figure out though is why. The story on B/W wasn’t that good. To be fair none of them are, catch ’em all and stop the evil people doing evil shit with Pokémon. This time however, it just lacked something. I didn’t think that the evil blokes where that good this time though, they just seemed lame. Also, are they going to have more Pokémon and top of the 600 and odd? Like another FUCKING TRUBBISH? TRUBBISH!!!! That is just awful I am sorry it is just grrrrr. Hopefully they won’t be making any new Pokémon anytime soon, but thinking on that, why didn’t the people just do this before. The Pokémon in Gold and Ruby series where good. I would have loved a continuation on one of them, defiantly not Black though.

Anyway, that’s my view of it. We will have to wait until autumn won’t we? Here’s hoping it is a good instalment. I did love Pokémon Yellow though, best story. And also Coliseum, and XD. Too subtle?


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