Posted: February 28, 2012 in Game Related
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Celebrations people, this may be the first time I remembered what topic I planned to talk about last night. Anyway so yeah, Zombies right? The idea of the living dead came about in the 50’s from Haiti if I remember right, with the first movie about them being in 68. George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead was the first zombie movie I believe, and since then they have been around one way or the other in movies and books and games.

I am a big supporter of Zombies. I don’t know why, they are just quite cool I think. The way that in every incarnation they complete decimate wherever they are. In Resident Evil they take Raccoon City, in The Walking Dead the take the world pretty much, in 28 Days Later it’s the world again, in Left 4 Dead it is, again, the world. And so on. A species cool enough to own wherever they want to deserves respect. Plus, whatever they appear in makes for entertainment. The Left 4 Dead games are quite awesome since there are tons of things to kill and all the special Zombies are challenging on the harder setting, and The Walking Dead is just a fantastic series. Mostly due to the humans and the gripping storyline but it still counts. Herein lays the problem. There is too much.

No matter how good the base concept, if it is done to death it just becomes a liability. A glaring example of this is Call of Duty. It began as a few good series of games but they just made way too many of them and they hardly changed it at all. I know I may have just described pretty much all shooting games, but at least some try to be different with new stuff in them. Like Halo. Basic futuristic shooter, but they added all the vehicles and dual wielding guns and all that.Halo 3 is fantastic. Anyway yes, Zombie has been way over done in movies. It’s good that they have added too them, giving them the ability to run around instead of stumble, and making them intelligent in some form. Despite the effort it is getting boring with them all following the same basic structure.

There are some signs that people are moving away from the run-of-the mill Zombie thing. Shaun of the Dead, although not the best example, at the end had the idea of taming the Zombies. Whereas it was for only about a minute, at least it was a new idea to do with Zombies. Some companies are even moving away from the whole Zombie thing. Resident Evil, one of the more famous Zombie based franchises, moved away from movies too parasites in Resident Evil 5. Whilst essentially the same thing, at least it is better than running Zombies into the ground. Although the new ones coming out could centre on Zombies again, so let’s at least hope there is new features, for example. The upcoming Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, coming 23rd of March, has the ability to decide major points. The base example they have given is the ability to get Leon Kennedy killed. So that is good.

Anyway, let us tie up this whole topic, since Suits is on at nine and I have covered everything. I like the concept of Zombies, but they have been overdone. Everyone needs to stop going with this idea, they are running it into the ground. It needs to be left alone for a while to become fresh again. So that is good. Goodbye people.

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