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Have the standards and integrity of British Police Officers dropped too low?


Every day I travel to University the bus passes the Police Station in Tarleton. And by station, it is a tiny little cottage. Seriously. It is just a small tiny cottage. I don’t even think that there are any cells inside there, and there is only one police car outside. This just shows how bad the police have gotten in my opinion.

You see them all the time in movies and TV shows all the time, and they are mostly corrupt in them, or incompetent. One of the incompetent movie examples would be Hot Fuzz. And I know that it is a spoof of the police but it still counts, sort of. I just wanted to mention it, what a fantastic film. I love Pegg and Frost. Wright is a great director as well thinking about it. The whole gang. Anyway yes, continuing. There are tons of examples where you see cops in shows being corrupt and immoral. The Walking Dead has Shane who screws over his friend, pretty much the entire cast of Serpico, and all the other that I cannot be bother to list. They are also in reading material, for example Newspapers.

Police Officers being dicks can be found frequently in the news. Recently, in the Leveson Enquiry, it has come out that some editors paid off the police to get information that shouldn’t have been released to the public. Yes, this shows that some Journalists can be dicks too, which is sad for me being that I want to be one, but you expect more from someone in authority. All the tests that the police run to get officers into the force, from what I understand just fitness tests and junk like that, they overlook the applicant’s integrity. And without that they should not be trusted to uphold the law. Also, racism. You hear all the time that police officers go after the coloured people over the white folk, and that is just wrong isn’t it? A great example of this in recent (ish) events is the Stephen Lawrence murder. ALLEGEDLY, a police officer took bribes from the father of one of the suspects to obstruct the case to try to get the culprits off. After the trail, a whole investigation was launched to see if race issues where still around in the police. Are these the type of people we want “protecting” us.

They are two trigger happy as well. A police officer shooting a man dead in August set off the worst riots in recent English history. Now, admittedly, most of the people who rioted probably just did it to get free shit. These are the pathetic groups of arseholes. You do not wreck your own town for no reason. In fact, the only reason you should wreck your town is if the local counsel are tools. Other than that’s it is fucking retarded. Why ruin your own town? The point is, most people who rioted were probably not doing it over the shooting. They just screwed it all up; they took focus off the police officer shooting someone dead for nothing. For what? Fucking Basmati Rice. Did you see that picture? Awww yeah gangster. What a douche. Anyway, yes the guy had a gun but he didn’t pull it out or fire it. We need Police who actually DON’T shoot people on a hunch. And during the riots, where were the Police? It was a warzone and tons of footage shown tons of youths packing the street, with no officers present. Why?

A lot of Police Officers are probably all above board and honest, and they do there best to keep us all safe, maximum respect for the ones who actually do their job right. I don’t want people think I hate every single Police Officer, but the ones who are corrupt or racist or whatever, have to go. We trust these people to protect us and keep the peace, and obviously the entrance exams are too lapse and allow people who should not be anywhere near authority, in authority. It’s like when the school made Cartman hall monitor. How many people shall get the reference? Anyhow, until tomorrow. You know, unless this gets me arrested.

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