Final Fantasy

Posted: March 1, 2012 in Game Related

Today I shall be talking about the Final Fantasy series. I have played pretty much all of them. PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, Gameboy and GameCube. I’ve even played the old legend ones via an emulator on my laptop. The one I have not played is the computer one that you have to subscribe for. Seems like a rip off in case no else plays on it so it’s a waste of money. Don’t know if it is popular. Anyway, onwards.

As I stated in one of my earliest posts, the one I absolutely despised was 13. It was terrible and it had nothing redeeming about it. No outstanding characters, an average storyline and an awful battle system. 13-2 improved on it drastically. I like the characters, the concept of the story and the battle system was improved. And by that, I mean you get to customise it early it, not in the last freaking quarter of the game. I loved the older ones on the PlayStation, for example 6, 7, 8 and 9. I love them so much that I got 7, 8 and 9 for my psp. They pass the time great on the bus. Seven had a compelling story, amazing characters, fantastic materia system and a massive world with tons of stuff in it. Like Chocobos! I sunk hours getting that damn golden Chocobo. I was a child and didn’t realise it was inbreeding upsettingly. On that subject, VG Cats did a great comic on that aspect: What a great web series. Almost as good as Giant in the Playground: Ah plugging.

Six was amazing too. I think that is when the series started to go from cool to freaking awesome. I can’t place my finger on why I love 6 so much but I do, was so great. 9 has a great ability system. Learning it from the weapons and armours and what not. The story started slow but got going with the momentum of a freight train in the middle. Fantastic quality storyline in my opinion. And then the Chocographs. I thought that was a brilliant idea, so fun I thought. I saved my favourite PlayStation 1 one for last, Final Fantasy 8. Oh dear lord, how fantastic do I find that? The characters were incredible; the storyline was just awesome, the side quests where fantastic, the Junction and Draw system are the best character customisation ever. I took down the second hardest boss twice within 5 minutes thanks to that system. I forgot to draw the summon from him first time. And the card game in it. I love that card game. I still play that card game tons after all these years. I’ve even joined a site where you can play against other people because I love it that much. I love 8.

The PlayStation 2 games where good too. Final Fantasy 10 had blitzball, the second best minigame in the series. It sucked that it got disabled for a while in the story. The monster arena was nice in that game, as was the dark aeon thing you could do. The characters and story were good. Not fantastic but still nice enough to keep the game from getting stale. The follow up, 10-2 not 11, was not that bad I think. The job system was quite good. The chapter system I enjoy because of all the extra missions, but they ruined the blitzball system I think. Another PS2 game of note is Final Fantasy 12. They took the game further away from the ATB system but I still enjoyed it. The hunts where amazing I think, added something challenging in the later missions. The license board was fun, although a bit confusing since it means all the characters are too dumb to use something without lessons. Ahem, VG Cats nod again:

The instalments on Nintendo where nice. The two Final Fantasy Tactics games where ok. Nothing amazing, I got bored at the fact that the missions where only available for a few days, and later on all the invasion things from other guilds made you miss some. It is fun and makes you think more than other Final Fantasy games but it aren’t that fantastic. Then on the GameCube you had Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Good in small doses, anything more than a few hours a go will bore you senseless, too repetitive.

I have covered the main ones I think, plus I have rambled on about this for quite a while. I’ve wrote over double then I do in a standard post. Can you see the nerdtastic life I live? Thank you for reading. And if anyone is wondering, my favourite is Final Fantasy 8, hands down.


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