Accrington Interview

Posted: March 5, 2012 in Life

Ok, here is a recount of the interview me and my group did for our assignment. It may be boring for some people, but I feel like talking about it. A glimpse for people who are interested in my day.

To start off it wasn’t a bad day. My class in the morning was optional so I didn’t have to wake up at six like normal. Five days a week I am up around six to get ready. It is a complete pain in the ass travelling the University. When you go, if you have the option to stay on campus do that, much easier. I stayed at home to help with my nephew. I regret that choice. Anyhow, being able to sleep in was good. Then getting to University, that’s when things when to hell. I’ve been locked out of the system at UCLAN because Student Finance where stupid enough to keep using my old address for about four months after I changed it, making me way behind schedule. They suck. Due to that, we missed the train too Accrington, and then we missed the other one after that. The four other members of my group where busy talking and I was just distracted and didn’t notice. That was incredibly annoying. I mean really annoying.

When we eventually got there it wasn’t a bad place. Accrington doesn’t have much in it that I saw. It looks like a nice enough place, but nothing special. One of those little places that you travel through when you’re on your way to a bigger city. All it has there of any note is Accrington Stanley, the football club. And even that isn’t so well-known. I only heard of them because I play them on FIFA 12. I like picking one of the teams in the lowest league and taking them to the top. It used to be Bury but they went and got promoted with no regards on how it affected me. I don’t like them. That was a joke. I can’t be the only one who does that on FIFA, makes it more fun.

The man we interview, Miles Parkinson, the head of the council, was a nice enough man. Didn’t mind we were late, was chatty and did the interview well. A generally nice man, but my favourite part of the day was looking around Accrington town hall. It was quite beautiful inside, old architecturally which always makes for nice buildings. The ballroom-eske room we went too upstairs had nice decorations and the ceiling. That led to the balcony, a thing that wasn’t nice. I think they were cleaning it since netting was up and it looked crap. I didn’t like it. Germy and high it. I hate germs and am terrified of heights. Anyway, the town hall was lovely.

Sadly however, carrying the heavy equipment around all day has played hell with my back. It’s bad enough already, it is now dead. So, since I am hurting and yawning quite a lot, I shall be off. I hope learning more about me and my life was worth your reading. Goodnight people.

  1. i love your blog, i have it in my rss reader and always like new things coming up from it.

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