Bad Drivers

Posted: March 6, 2012 in Views

Now, I can not drive. I want to learn but it is a money issue, and a slight nervousness that I won’t be good at it. I have a short attention span so imagine what would happen if that happens when I am at the wheel. I would write off the car. Obviously I can pay attention when I am doing things, so I doubt that I would actually crash. Despite that I am still worried. Talking on this issue may be moot since I don’t have primary experience, but here are my views.

I think that people who do not indicate should be banned from driving. I am going to guess but indicating must be the easiest bit of driving a car. It’s probably even easier than starting the damn things. Keys can be tricking sometimes, fumbling around to find the key and then sometimes it is a pain in the ass to get the damn thing in the lock, or ignition in this case. Indicator stalks are just right there next to your hand, and all you do if push it up or down. It isn’t rocket science, and yet I see tons of morons who can’t do that. They just turn without notice, and then beep the pedestrians for crossing like it’s their fault. That pisses me off, every time I see it I want to attack the drivers. It is inconsiderate and dangerous, they are the type of people who cause accidents. It is such a simple thing to do, and the consequences ain’t worth saving that tiny amount of effort of flipping a stalk. These are just one group of people who should not drive.

Some people’s conceptions of bad driving groups are plain weird. I’ve heard people bash women drivers constantly and I don’t get it. My mum is a much better driver then my dad was. He isn’t dead he just isn’t around, luckily. He is an arse. Anyway, I know a lot of good women drivers, I don’t see how people say they are worse. Unless they are putting makeup whilst driving along. That’s just stupid and dangerous. Poking yourself in the eye with mascara or eyeliner whilst driving is asking for trouble. Thankfully not many women do this. Although I have seen some woman park in the most inconvenient places to apply make up, like petrol stations. How much of a prick must you be to just sit next to the pump doing anything; texting, making, anything, and let a queue form? It’s just a dick thing to do. Texting is another stupid thing whilst driving. Basically anyone who does anything that moves their eyes from the road should not drive. The obvious one people go to is driving under the influence. Drugs, alcohol, glue, whatever. Do anything like that and think; “Well, I am fine to drive. Oh look a flying donkey, and I fell over. Still fine to drive though”.

So yeah, that is my views on driving. As long as you are sensible and don’t do anything dangerous then you should be able to drive. You could be old, a woman or an amputee, as long as you’re sensible then go for it. Hell, tons of respect for amputees who learn how to drive with their disability. So anyway yes, my informed views. Like any of them will be informed.

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