Biggest Mistakes in Literature

Posted: March 7, 2012 in Views
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I read quite a lot. Newspapers, books and the like. I enjoy reading, it passes the time, you learn things, you can be to magical new worlds and meet good characters and go on a fun adventure. Obviously these are Fiction books. In Newspapers it is pretty much death, death, racist attacks, death, bad shit and a cat in a tree. The same stuff, but it is important to keep up with the current times. Non-Fiction books are quite good to read, provided you like the topic. I have lots of books about Journalism obviously because I partake in it. I also have lots of books about murderers. The Zodiac Killer and the like. Bit weird I just realised, but I find it interesting what drives people to do this stuff, and the patterns they do it in. I’m not training to be a murderer. Although how cool would it be to be an assassin? So fun.

However, I think I have pinpointed the worst mistakes in Literature. I do not mean the sodding Twilight series, although they are a terrible abomination and the fact that they got made into movies means that people will just go along with any old crap that some “inventive” chap will churn out. The biggest mistake I think is mistakes with spelling and grammar. Now, I know that this is hypercritical to a point, my spelling and grammar is sub par at best. Sure I know a lot of obscure words and have to explain a lot of the things I say to my family, not the fastest bunch in the world, but I can not spell or set out words as well as most people. The big difference however, is that I am not professional. I am just a teenager in England spewing out whatever crap comes into my head. The people who write books or write newspaper articles are ment to be professional. They hire proof readers to make sure their work is correct and they probably double-check it to make sure.

In the past, it was easy to make mistakes, and easy to overlook. In typewriter times if you made a cock-up near the end of a page most people would just leave it. Only the most hardcore author would retype a page just to correct a typo. They are the best type of authors in my opinion, god knows I wouldn’t do that. I would just leave it. But nowadays you can not get away with it. There is spell checker for christ sake on words. Run it once in a while and correct your work. Somehow people still get work writing after these cock ups. Can you imagine is the Magna Carta had a typing error? For example; “all these above mentioned provisions shall observed with good faith and with evil intent”. If that went in, as opposed to “without evil intent”, then this land would be completely screwed. I know, that is a bad example, but you try scanning the words of the Carta looking for something to make a typo from. I got bored.

My point is professionals should really be on the ball with this shit. They get paid to write, and yet they can’t ever cover the basics of writing correctly. That is my opinion anyhow. I love books, I hate when they get screwed up.

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