Music Review: Endgame – Rise Against

Posted: March 10, 2012 in Music
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My first music review shall be about Rise Againsts most recent album, Endgame. Rise Against are my favourite band, so I love everything they do, but this is a truly great album.

The band has always been rock-orientated, and this album continues that. The music that Rise Against play had always been fantastic. The drums Disparity by Design are quite impressive, some of the greatest I have heard in Rise Againsts track list. Also on top of that, the guitar in this song is also awesome I think, particularly in the into. Combined they make quite the introduction. Lyrics have always been a massive part in this band’s songs. I know that sounds a ridiculous thing to say, lyrics are always a massive part in songs. But I means proper lyrics with meaning. Not like all the crap you hear recently. For example, Justin Beiber. I hate him, he is somehow massive and his songs are terrible. I am sure some people will argue saying “But his lyrics are amazing”, I am sorry but repeating the word baby over and over is not a chorus. It is crap.

By the lyrics being important, I mean that Rise Against has always been activists with their songs. They have sung about capitalism in Prayer of the Refugee, the war in Hero of War, and in Strength to go On they seem to be singing about the minority against the majority. At least that’s what I think. In Endgame they have just gone all out. They talk about homophobia in Make it Stop (September’s Children), specifically the teenagers who committed suicide in September 2010 over homophobic bullying. They address the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and the lack of action from the government.  I could go on and on. They are a tremendously political band, and they continue this attitude in this album.

Their style had not changed much from the beginning. It is straight up punk rock, rebelling against whatever issues they feel strongly about. Many of their songs follow the formula of strong introduction, build up  through the first verse and chorus or so, slows down for one verse and then picks up again for the end. Look at Satellite for an example. Another song with great guitar throughout, and I am guessing a good meaning, not completely sure what the meaning of that song is though.

Best song – Make it Stop (September’s Children)

I love this song. The drum and guitar sets out a fantastic rhythm for the song. It is quite catchy music, but the best thing is that it doesn’t overpower or distract the listener from the message in the song. This is one of the better songs when it comes to their activism, since the meaning is crystal clear through its lyrics. Example being; Make it stop, Make it end, This life choose me, I’m not lost in sin, Proud I stand, Of who I am, I plan to go on living.Quite powerful lyrics on the subject of homophobia. Saying that people should be proud of who they are no matter what, and that it is not a sin or wrong. Obviously if the singer was homosexual it would have more impact, but it is still quite good. Also, they made good use of a soundbite, someone reading out the names and ages of who killed themselves over this. It made the issue seem more pressing since the ages of the people, since they ranged from 18 all the way down to 13. That just makes it more important to most people since the victims where all young. Just overall a fantastic and powerful song.

Worst song – This is Letting Go

This was difficult to pick. I liked all the music. They all had good lyrics in them, but since that is what Rise Against is good at that is not a big surprise. I choose this song because to me through the verses the instruments did not meld as well as they do in the other songs. The two guitar you can hear just did not match it too me, they sounded like they did not belong together. Of course, for just a song to have one in the background it is fine, but when you listen carefully they just do not work together. Like I said, it was difficult for me to pick this song. It is fine if you listen to it without trying to find things wrong with it.

So that is it for me first music review. I realise when writing it that I am not that good with music reviewing right now. So I just hope when I keep doing it I will get better so you can enjoy it more. Thank you for reading, I hope you liked it.

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