TV Review: How I Met Your Mother

Posted: March 11, 2012 in Moving Image
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This is the last new review of the weekend. Huzzah. It is safe to say I struggled quite a bit last night with the music review, so let us see if I can pick it up a bit tonight. I shall be talking about one of my favourite shows, How I Met Your Mother. My other favourite is Suits, I love Suits, I will do that next week. Now onto this.

Concept 7/10

If we are being honest, anyone who had seen How I Met Your Mother will know that it is basically a rip off of Friends. It has some of the same storyline, rehashes of the same characters, minus one, and is set in the same city. It is about five friends who hand out in a bar, much like the coffee shop in Friends, or even the bar they used to hang out in in the episode that shows there past. They all hang out and get into trouble and all that jazz. The basic formula for an American sitcom, it can easily become tiresome at times when it sticks to the general conventions you see. Apparently, if you read Wikipedia, the idea came around when the two creators decided to write about their own experiences in New York. I don’t know how much of that I believe considering the resemblance to Friends, but the show at least has a few redeeming qualities that can make you look past the obvious rip off. It has some good characters, good gags and the storylines can get good as well.

Charcters 7/10

There are five main characters in this show. There is one who is bossy and puts their nose in everything, there is one who makes jokes and is a general comic relief. These two get together. There is one who is serious a lot of the time but can still be funny in the right moments and there is one who pursues and sleep with tons of women. They are called Monica, Chandler, Ross and Joey. Oh wait, I am getting mixed up. I appreciate the cheesiness behind that non-joke, but you get the idea. Barney is a womanizer who ends up sleeping with one of the girls in the group. He is basically Joey with more hormones. I like him really, he is quite funny. Ted is the main character and is trying to find “the one”. He is quite smart and studious and delights in telling the others useless trivia which they hate. He ends up dating the same girl who Barney ends up sleeping with, named Robin. She is ambitious and trying to climb up the ladder in her Journalism job. She constantly rejected Ted until he finally wore her down. As you can see, this is the same as the love triangle between Ross, Joey and Rachel that pops up. The other two are like Chandler and Lily. Marshall is a lawyer, but only in title. He is a joker who likes to play around and make jokes when he can, and is quite inept when it comes to the ladies, apart from Lily. Lily is a bossy woman who likes to stick her nose in everything that her friends do and tries to tell them what to do. Basically a toned down Monica to some degree. Still as controlling but funny, as opposed to being a complete bitch. I hated Monica. As you can see, there is a lot of similarities between these five and five of the ones out of Friends. They do have new quirks too them. It is hard to describe how they are unique without seeing the show. If I do I will be overselling them and making it sound terrible. Basically, rehashes of Friends but with their own quirks that make them stand out.

Storylines 7/10

Not much to say about this. Reusing many of Friends storylines or just the stock of all of Americas TV. Two of the characters dating and then breaking up and then dating again and then breaking up. Then the girl dates another of the guys, and the original guy gets pissed off and ignores the new guy for a while till they patch up. Or two of the friends getting married and then trying for a baby but finding out that they will have issues making it happen. The girl who dated the two guys gets pregnant with one of their children. But there is some originality that make them not completely worn out. For example with the last one, it turns out the girl is not pregnant since she is infertile, and it turns out she actually wants kids but can’t have them. Basically the storylines are just a minefield of clichés with a few twists that could make them be considered fresh.

Overall 7/10

If you are looking for something that is new and fresh look elsewhere. If you have seen Friends then these are new episodes with a modern twist. The characters are different and captivating enough to keep you entertained if you chooses to watch it. The storylines are nothing new, but the way that they go about playing them out is new enough to be entertaining to people. I enjoy it, but it is not anything new.

So yes, that is my first review for a TV show or a movie. I hope you enjoyed it. There will be more next week. Thank you for reading, and I am looking forward to going back to my normal blogging. Reviews are quite difficult, and I want to do this for a living. Don’t I know how to pick them? Goodbye people.

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