Bus Journeys/Epic Bus Drivers

Posted: March 12, 2012 in Life
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For a kick off, the title and the post is something my friend suggested, I don’t normally use the term epic.

Since I live many miles from University and decided not to live on campus, a stupid move I have come to find, I spend a lot of my time on the bus. Some days I actually spend more time one the busses then in a lecture, which is pretty messed up. On the journeys I have come to realise two things. One, bus journeys are incredible boring, and two, bus drivers are incredibly slow. Like painfully, it took the bus ten minutes to go down the main road in Southport. I know it’s a big road, some people may not know it, Lord Street, but it is big. Even then it should not take ten minutes. That just shows how terribly slow they are. And another annoying thing is how frequently they are late. A lot of the times my bus is about ten or twenty minutes late. That may not sound like much but at six in the morning on a blisteringly cold day it is a lot. I can’t find any reason for this such delay. All the times ive been on busses not once has one broke down, so it can’t be that. It does not take ages to stop at bus stops, at least not long enough to create a twenty-minute build up. Traffic is accounted for in the time tables for busses. Each time my bus is on time to the stop it arrives in Preston bus station bang on when the timetable says, it’s eerie. So the only thing slowing it down is the actual drivers.

Me, my friend and some other guy he knows where discussing it, and we decided we need to change a few things. Number one, all bus drivers need to become “epic” in the sense that they need to be faster and more gutsy. This is the schedule of two dozen people on the bus getting messed up. It’s worth making some douchebag in a badly done up hatchback being late to whatever crap they go late so all these people on the bus can be on time. Talking of douchebags, how annoying is it when people listen to their music out load on public transport? Some prick had their music on dead loud on the bus before, playing some crap that made me want to rip my ears off. How inconsiderate can you get? Use headphones for the love of job! i hate people who do that, really annoys the crap out of me. Anyway, back to topic. Something else that needs to be changed is the bus itself. It needs to be able to go faster. Something I thought of doing was kitting it out in dense metal so it doesn’t tip over at high speeds and can knock other cars out of the way. Now, I know this would be deadly unsafe, which is why it would never happen, but the idea behind it is good.

Politicians want people to use public transport more, but why would you when they are constantly late to pick you up, late to get to the stop and filled with people who were just released from juvie? Nobody will pay a blind bit of attention to someone telling them to get on something as broken as public transport, not that anyone listens to politicians anyway the lying, warmongering bastards. The point is this, busses need to be faster, posliticians suck and the bus system needs overhauling. Oh, and pricks who play their music outline at unreasonable levels need to be shot.

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