Posted: March 13, 2012 in Life

I am terrible when it comes to social situations. Most likely because my time has been spent mostly in front of TVs or computer screen. I only know how to talk to fellow nerds since we are kin. By talk to, I mean start the conversation. If someone starts it then that is fine, I can carry a conversation relatively good. Give or take a few random outbursts to do with something weird, like cheese or something. I do not why. I lack an armory of icebreakers really.

Some people can just walk up to someone and start talking. I envy that to an extent. It would be good to do, but even if I could I doubt I would. It’s weird just going up to strangers and just starting a conversation if you know nothing about them. The fact I have any friends is a shock actually, I never approached any of them. On the bus on friday, the place I get many ideas, we were talking about icebreakers in general, and the most weirdest one that we could. Here is the weirdest one, about a man with a glass eye. It is also quite good.

So, a man looses his eye, I don’t care how he just has. He is a gambler, his main game being marbles. For some reason. He is running out of marbles so decides to play his eye instead, and losses that too. He gets an eye patch to cover it. Now, that would be one hell of a conversation starter wouldn’t it? Asking a guy why he has an eye patch, and it’s because he actually lost it in marbles. It is up there with “I have Anatidaephobia”. Ever since I found out that it exists I want to meet someone with that phobia. It is incredible. But anyway yes, that eye opener is a great icebreaker. Pardon the pun.

I would not go as far as taking my eye out to get a semi-interesting icebreaker to use on randomers I will never speak to, but I want something like that. Maybe a broken arm. I want to break something. I have done many a stupid thing in my life and I have never broken anything. It is extremely irritating, would make me slightly interesting. But alas, no broken bones sadly. So anyway yes, this is a post from an overly tired, overly worked Shaun. I tried. Thank you for reading, see ya.

  1. I am not sure what you’re a nerd in? Computing? Anyways, the point you’ve indirectly addressed, is the ability to relate to people on a common ground.

    Your post was a really good read 🙂 So what is common ground? The weather, the songs on the radio, music you listen to. What are other people studying? You really do have a lot these conversationalist skills, even when you don’t think you do!!!

    Good luck Shaun

    • zeron7 says:

      I am a nerd in computing and gaming. For example, I’m on my PSP playing Persona right now 😛

      Thank you 🙂 I never thought of things that way, I just fixated on my lack of confidence with strangers. I suppose if I had the confidence I would have a lot to talk about. Didn’t think of that 😛

      Thanks for reading!

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