Adverts Mark 2

Posted: March 14, 2012 in Life

I do not understand why people spend so much on Advertising. Was watching the TV before as per usual, and an advert came on for one of those magazines about celebrities and shit. The front page article was about Victoria Beckham beating postnatal depression I think. Anyway, the picture they choose had her in a bath with petals in it. I am sure that is completely relevent.

I don’t like how companies try to pander to people by using celebrities. It seems that companies think that us public people are morons, that if we see some celebrity endorsing things then people will just run out and by the thing. For example, Jamie Oliver supporting Sainsburys. Not only is that a stupid strategy by that supermarket, no-one likes Oliver the smug twat, he took our sweets from schools for what I can see is nothing. You still see fat kids around and none of the kids are getting any fitter or healthier, all he has done is piss them off. I don’t like him as a person either, he just gets on my nerves. Anyway, if someone likes him I doubt that they will swap supermarkets just to try to be like him or please him or have a one in a trillion chance to meet him or whatever companies think it does. Even if someone I loved, lets say Ross Noble, endorsed Sainsbury’s it would not do anything. I am a normal teenager, give or take a few idiosyncracies, and celebrities do nothing. I would not stop going to my supermarket to walk further to Sainsburys. All it would do is make me think lower of Noble. Celebrities who endorse things are mostly just greedy bastards. Only a small minority of celebrities actual use the product they endorse.

I dislike advertisements a lot. It is just a complete waste of money that do nothing. Car adverts are the worst. It just shows them driving, they hardly have any important information. they say the main point or new bits, but more often than not it is just saying “This car is good, it is va va voom and shicismed and lebombame” and other crap like that that has no meaning. One company just gave up completely and has the car there with an announcer saying “We would drive it but it would make it look messy”. What the fuck?! Seriously, that is just weak. I want to know the horsepower and the tank size, miles per gallon all that. I don’t give a fuck if it is “pretty”, I want to drive it not fuck it!!

Anyway, that is my view on advertising. I hate the damned practise of it. It is important, but it is just pure shite. Companies need to buck up and stop spending countless amounts of money hiring whorlebrities and just say what the thing is in adverts. I hope you agree, thank you.

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