Game Review: White Knight Chronicles

Posted: March 16, 2012 in Games

Today I shall be reviewing White Knight Chronicles. One or two, doesn’t matter they are both the same, just an extended story throughout them. Which is a good thing, I enjoy sequels and all they have done is tweak it a bit to make it better. The features are the same just improved, which is good. Anyway, this game is the reason I brought a PS3, so onwards.

Gameplay 10/10

The gameplay in this game is amazing, simple as. The game is an Action RPG, so basically you see the enemies on the screen, run up to it and smack it upside the head until it dies. It is a good system, easy to avoid if you want to or you are too low on HP, and you can get a few easy hits in via ranged weapons. Also using this system other enemies can just randomly join in the fight, which makes it fun. There is also a “Bounty” system in place, pretty standard set up. kill some things, get rewards. Tried and tested system so don’t expect much. There are a lot of side quests as well. A lot of these involves running back and forth talking to people or finding things. Also some fighting quests as well. Another standard system. Leveling up takes two forms. The normal level up get better thing in RPGs, and also skill points. The skill points go into numerous weapon categories or magic styles. Each character can learn the majority of weapon styles and magic, but there is two barred on each character but yours. You get new skills, support skills and the like via the skill system. This is all well and good for the gameplay, something you would find in any RPG. Some of your characters get “Incoruptus”, something that I do not know the plural for. They are basically massive knights that you transform into and lay waste to everything. Which is nice and new-ish. You can also go online and quest with friends or randomers online. There is also a system for blogging as well in the game. I use it, it’s good for sharing with the community what you have done since you can include screenshots from in-game. The best bit in this game is the customisation. And this is customisation on a massive scale.







For starters, you get to make combinations to attack with from the skills you get from your skill points. So set up right you can attack and enemy, knock them to the air, jump after them, slash in mid-air and slam them to the group all in one move. It is incredible. That alone makes this game noteworthy. Next, the Knight. Your character gets one in WKC 2, and you get to decide what it looks like and what weapon it uses, them you transform into the Knight and maul the crap out of things, as I said before. Next up, the greatest customisation system in the world. Level-5 are the developers of this game. The creators of Dark Cloud, and the Georama system. If you play Dark Cloud you know how great that system is. They have implemented it in this game. For those who don’t know what Georama is, it is a system that lets you create your own village. That to me is incredible. You get to place stalls, houses, scenery .etc. and create a town of your own. You get benefits from doing this in-game. The villagers have skills, like mining and gathering, and when you visit after time you can find rare items. As you build up the town more your shops get more inventory you can buy, which I like. I am a boring person, and I love the technicality of the customisation system. It is just amazing. I can not put into words how cool it is. You go around in the main story and recruit people from the world into your town, which I thought was nice. Better than not knowing where you got the residents. Just in a word, magnificent.








Characters 4/10

The characters in this game did not impress me much if I am brutally honest. It is cool that you can make your own character. You pick what they look like via customisation, the standard face, hair, size, etc system. They then just follow the party around are largely ignored by the rest of the party. You are only spoke to about twice and then they forget you exist. The story is based around a character called Leonard, who basically sets out on a quest to rescue a princess and a kingdom. The Zelda effect. It is the cheesy puppy love crap you see in the movies, I do not like it. The other characters are just stock people, they did not stand out much to me. The mysterious teacher, the childhood friend and other junk like that. The story itself is sub par too, the party set off to save the princess and the land that comes under peril using a power some of your characters get. Some of the characters have some redeeming features, but it is all overshadowed to me by Leonard’s infatuation with the girl he only saw twice in his life. He is the most annoying main character since Shu in Blue Dragon.







Graphics 6/10

The graphics of this game is quite nice. A lot of effort went into the towns and landscapes such as fields and woods. It is beautifully crafted I find. The only bad thing is your avatar. No matter how you try to craft them they just look out-of-place next to the other characters. They are animated and constructed nice so next to you you look like a childs squiggle. That is the only thing that let’s this score down. It really annoys me.

Sound 6/10

Not much to say here. Nice sounds with all the monster cries when you see them. The background music is always nice, as well as the fighting sound effects. Nothing outstanding but it gets the job done.

Overall 6/10

Since this game is only good in the gameplay section for me this scores an average mark. No matter how great the gameplay is, its supporting cast and the way it looks and sounds lets it down. The creators of the game seems to focus too much on the Georama section of the game and just shoved a few cliques in to fill the gap. The fatal flaw with that sodding Leonard. He just grates me I think. It was a nice touch making your avatar not be the main character, but it would have been nice if the developers made them more relevent to the main story as opposed to just being the one you use online. That is another bad thing. It is not much of an RPG if there is no role-playing with your characters. All they got was basically just “Hello” from Leonard and then no one interacted with them. The gameplay is fantastic no doubt, so if you have a PS3 I recommend getting it, however buy WKC 2. It includes number one as well so it would be a waste just to buy one. Thank you for reading, I hope you like it.

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