Music Review: Some Kind Of Trouble – James Blunt

Posted: March 17, 2012 in Music
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Bad day for blogging. My sister went out to get shit faced so I got left with my nephew and the new cat, both of whom are attacking my laptop, so it is difficult to type this. But this is music review number two people. Blunt is my favourite artist, and I get mocked because of this. But I don’t care, I love him.

Over his past two albums, Back to Bedlam and All the lost Souls, his style has been sort of, as some people would say, depressing. I don’t know how I would count it. Emotive maybe? Whatever it is, Blunt seems to be trying to move one from this label. He still has songs of this style on the album, Best Laid Plans and No Tears come to mind fairly quickly. A fair few of his songs on the album however are more upbeat than his previous albums. for example, Stay the Night. This single was used to promote the album, and the music is more happy sounding, and the lyrics are more positive then before. The songs more upbeat are So Far Gone (too a point) and Turn Me On. I will be talking about the later one further on in this review.

The mix of styles in this album is quite good I feel. There is enough of his old sound for older fans to enjoy and other to link him too, but the experiments with the happier side of music works as well. Calling Out your Name is one of the tracks that relate more to his older work then the new genre, and it is quite a nice track. It reminds me quite a bit of Carry you Home, the subject is about a woman he seems to care about and wants to look after. The same old topic lines he is familiar with but it still makes a nice listen. One of the newer songs I’ll Be Your Man is again about women, but is from a more positive viewpoint. The music is generally more happy, more a kin to a pop sound then anything else. It is a strange thing from Blunt to do, being positive in his music, but I feel he pulls it off with some degree of success. Another song I feel is worthy to note would be Dangerous. This is an odd track. It is fairly catchy, and it combines his somewhat depressing stance of songs in his more upbeat music style. for example “I’ll be hanging on your heartache, Enough rope for my sake and losing everytime , I’ll be wrapped around your finger”. It is warning against the danger of love, but in a pop style sounds, almost bouncy, but defiantly a great song. I like the album myself. It is a bit weird to hear him be positive as I keep saying but it is nice.

I would not recommend it too a fair time buyer of Blunt however. If you are interested in purchasing one of his albums I would suggest you buy All the Lost Souls. It is his old style of songs, and has some fantastic track. Namely 1972, Same Mistake and Carry You Home” Just a great album altogether from a great artist.

Best Song – These are the Words

I liked this song quite a lot. It is one of the songs from his old set of songs, about him and his childhood sweetheart and the pain that he had when they broke up. Lines like “I’ve given till I’ve given up, One more casualty of easy love” and more importantly “These are the words that I wish I’d said to you when you were standing there next to me” makes this song brilliant. It is a beautiful song with some intense lyrics, but the best thing about this song is that it is incredibly relatable by pretty much everyone. Most people will have that person they wish they kept or said things too before it was too late and regret it. It is just a beautiful song and I love it.

Worst Song – Turn Me On

Oh Jamesy boy what where you thinking with this song? It is just completely out of character for Blunt. Compared too all his emotive, beautiful song, this just sounds like the testosterone fueled whining of a prepubescent boy. Thats how bad it is. The chorus sums up how bad it is. “Why get complicated, you know you want to turn me on”. It is just not Blunt like at all. I do not know how much more I can say about it. The music is not James at all, the lyrics are terrible and it is just an awful song. End of.

Thank you for reading, and sorry it may have sucked. The cat has taken to running and sitting on my keyboard. How fun. Goodbye friends.

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