TV Review – Suits

Posted: March 18, 2012 in Moving Image
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Today the cat is still bugging me, but taken it a step further by apparently nesting under my neck annoyingly. Its claws hurt like a bitch in my neck. Annoying little cat. Anyway I degree. Today is the moving image review, which will be my favourite show,Suits.So without further ado, the review.

Concept 10/10

I enjoy this concept. A person with a photographic memory who takes people’s LSATS for them gets accidentally set-up by his friend for drug-dealing and gets a job as a lawyer when trying to evade the police. It is relatively new and fresh and it is extremely interesting. It is a humorous take on the daily challenges a lawyer has to face, with a few other story arcs going through the series which work quite well. The humour in the show is derived from the characters dialogue as opposed to any antics, so the show can still be fairly realistic in regards to lawyers jobs whilst being funny. I doubt you would ever find a law firm like this in the world but there is enough serious aspects in it to make it believable. So all in all, a pretty nice concept pulled off quite well.

Characters 10/10

The characters in this show are all fantastic. As I said before the show tries to be realistic for lawyers lifestyles, so the writers have to portray the lawyer stuff in their dialogue as well as the humour, and it works. There are two main characters in this show. Mike Ross is the one with the photographic memory who turns layer. He is a witty character as main characters should be, but the writers do a fantastic job writing him. They perfectly show his difficulty in excepting the moral ambiguity of the layer world since he wants to be the right thing as opposed to win at any cost, and they have him worrying that people will find out he did not pass law school. I like that because it is better than not having him mention it or just ignore it, it is what people do. The other main character is Harvey Specter, the city’s best closer. He is a lawyer who only cares about getting the job done at any cost, so is ruthless and ignores the emotion in the case. He is still a witty character due to well-earned confidence, and frequently comes to blows with one of the firms junior partner Louis Litt. He is the “antagonist” of the show in many ways, trying to outdo Harvey due to jealousy and using underhanded tactics whenever he can, however they can work together when needed. There are many characters and the way the show explores the relationships between them is just amazing. For the characters alone you much watch this.

Storyline 10/10

This score comes purely from the catatonic state the show puts me in whenever it is one. They are always such absorbing storylines. Obviously each show its own storyline. for example, the first episode dealing with Mikes arrival, episode five deals with Mikes drug dealing friend coming back into his life and Mikes struggle between his friend, his work and his friends ex-girlfriend whom he wants to date. The episode also has Harvey starting to show some emotion, picking between defending his driver from a lawsuit over following a deal that would be extremely lucrative to the company. Each episode has incredible engaging storylines, and there are the arcs that go one throughout the serious that are really interesting to follow. One of the arcs is one of the stock lines. It deals with Mike and a paralegal in the company, Rachels, blossoming romance and the roadbumps it has. It may be basic, but there is also the romance between Mike and his friends ex that happens as well, so it is interesting seeing what will happen. I just love the storylines, it is hard to explain why, you must watch it and you will be as engrossed as I am each week.

Overall 10/10

I did not want to give this show full marks, since it seems I am being bias since I love it. I am not people I promise. I tried to find bad points but I can not, this show is just simply amazing. I love it so much. The characters are fantastic, the storylines interesting, the dialogue is witty and engaging. This is just one of the best shows on TV, and it depresses me that it is over soon. Find it online, or watch the last three episodes on Dave, Tuesdays at 21:00. You won’t regret it, it is just immense. Thank you for reading people, back to the normal posts tomorrow. Goodbye.

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