Anti-Gay Laws

Posted: March 19, 2012 in Life, Views
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Something that caught my eye recently when I was wading through the internet, at least I think it was the internet may have been a newspaper, was Russia’s increasing criminalization of Homosexuality. Bear in mind that homosexuality was only decriminalised two decades ago and it is already “wrong” again. I do not understand this.

What is the big deal with homosexuality? It is clear what my stance on this is from my previous post, I am very much to the left side off all this discrimination shit. As long as people are happy it doesn’t matter what they are or how they feel. If somebody is gay it doesn’t really affect anyonelse does it? Lets take a famous gay person, Elton John. He is an extremely popular singer, selling over 250 million records, making him one of the most succesful singers of all times. So someone who is gay can become one of the most succesful singers of all time, and yet another gay person could be killed just for being who they are. That is fucked up. If it is not bad enough that there is a minority of people who discriminate against homosexuals now we have more countries saying it is illegal. So now being gay is as bad as murder or rape.

Shockingly, in Russia the church officials are amongst the more vocal of people trying to get the laws pushed through. This is the reason I hate religion with a passion. Now, I know that not every religious person hates gays and some can accept them and not be a complete tool, but it people like the ones trying to ban gays that need to change. It is unacceptable that some people believe that just because some people don’t believe what they believe or like what sex they like then they have the right to make it against the law. We will never live in a perfect world, there will always be people who hate gays and do not want them around, but making it illegal to be who you are? I really do not want to live in a world where people can be thrown in prison just because of what some people think is wrong, or because of what is written in a book that might not be real. I am a man of science, so I believe that it is evolution that brought us here. I am not sure if the Big Bang is how we are here, since how did that occur in a place of nothingness, but I really don’t believe it is a big bearded man in the sky making us all.  And I want to make it clear that I know that it is not just christians that are the reason that the law is being pushed through, but they are the most vocal anti-gay bashers. And again, I know it is not all the religious people who feel this way, and I know that everyone has their own views and I am not trying to make people conform to my views, but I am just saying how I think of things.

At least amongst all this crap in Russia that England may be legalizing gay marriage. A consultation is scheduled for this month some time if I recall correctly to see if it will be legalised, and let us hope that it is. Of course the Archbishops are “urging” the government not to do it so I just hope that the Prime Minister has the balls to stand up to them. It is a bit worrying wondering how the more christian places in England will react if the law gets passed since we do live in a big religious country, but it is also a free country more or less. So shouldn’t everyone be allowed to be happy and be who they are? You know, besides pedophiles, murders and so on, but they are way worse than homosexuality. Anyone who thinks that it is just as bad is incredibly messed up, in my opinion.

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