Posted: March 20, 2012 in Views

Apparently another bomb has gone off in Iraq and killed tons of people. This is now old news since it has happened about ten thousands of times before. I think that is a big problem. I do not understand why there always have to be war. Even more so, I do not understand why countries who are not directly involved in the confrontation get involved in it.

I wish that everything could be solved with diplomacy. Nobody wants there to be war anywhere, and yet for some reason countries start wars. For example, the Falklands War. That is a stupid excuse for a war. People just fighting and killing each other just over some argument over who owns some islands. So two countries are killing each others citizens over some land. People are losing families because of greed. How does that make sense? What point is there in having more territory if there is no one alive to occupy them? Yes, that is an overstatement since only one thousand people were killed in the Falklands but you get the point. It just seems that people want to fight over anything just for the hell of it.

I know that some people will argue that the ends justify the means. In some cases, the end result means that the lives of the citizens in the country or place that was fought over get better quality of life, or that they have a fairer government if a tyrant gets overthrown, but I do not understand why countless people must die just to take out one person, which seems to be the objective in many wars, such as World War II. I know there were other factors in the war, but one of the main ones was to kill Hitler. That war cost approximately sixty million people’s lives. If we take out the Holocaust victims, about six million, then fifty million people died to kill a man who killed six million. Those figures may be wrong, I did history about five or six years ago, but it is close enough. I know the man had to be stopped but that is just too much.

During that war someone took it too far. I know the countless casualties are bad enough, but one of the most disgusting travesties in history was the atomic bomb incident. Just to make Japan surrender atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Side note, why is it that most people only mention Hiroshima being bombed? It is odd. Anyway, the Allies completely leveled two cities, the surrounding areas and massacred a fuck load of innocent civilians because Japan did not surrender. And they villanies Hitler for killing innocents. They did the same thing in the same war. Before I get complaints, yes Hitler killed more and was worse I am just pointing out the hypocrisy.

There will always be war sadly. I wont pretend it can be magically fixed, but the thing that has too happen is to stop fighting over tiny insignificant things, like a debate over who owns what. There has to be peaceful ways to stop conflicts before they arrive, saving thousands of people’s lives. I am really anti-war as you can tell, and I know some are needed and unstoppable, but the world would be much better with less war. I think everyone can agree with this. Thank you.

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