Important Notice

Posted: March 28, 2012 in Miscellaneous
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Hello people, this is important and startling news. I wrote last night about GAME and the four buyers, OpCapita being one of them. Someone named Scootar commented on the post which some unsettling news about OpCapita. The company is laying off a lot of workers, over 600 nationwide, from various sectors and refusing to pay the workers under national average wage any significant redundancy pay. This came about a covert changing of the redundancy clause in the workers contracts, this being covert as the workers did not know. The company has said it is because via a “financial decision” since the company has no money, and now they are in a bidding war to buy GAME. It is a bit stupid that a moneyless company is trying to buy GAME, but it is completely unacceptable that they are screwing their workers out of thousands of pounds and just throwing them out. This is wrong on a moral level, an ethics level and a human level essentially. We need to raise awareness of this disgusting turn of events for the workers who need the redundancy money to live on. Please tell as many people as you can so we can get justice for the innocent workforce and make this tyrannical company give them the money they deserve. Read the comment on the “End of a gaming era” post to see what Scootar, one of the workers at Comet, originally said since he puts it more clear. Here is the article link he put from the Evening Times: Thank you, and I hope people start spreading this around, it is important.

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