Microsoft, Xbox Failures and Sony

Posted: March 28, 2012 in Life
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It has recently come to my attention that Microsoft are a bunch of rip off artists and a bunch of weekends. That is putting it nicely. I am extremely angry at them for lying to their consumers just to rip them off. That is my view anyway.

I do not want it to sound like I hate all of Microsoft. I love my Laptop, and that uses Windows. I would always pick a Microsoft based computer over an Apple Mac. I hate the Macs. We had to use Macs all through college to do our work on. Now they are a nice bit of kit. Final Cut Pro and all the jazz was extremely useful in Media Studies BTEC for editing movies. That music program was great as well, I forget the name. But oh dear god was it bugged as hell. The speed that Macs ran at was so slow, it really pissed me off when you just sit there watching that little loading wheel spin and stop for about a decade. I think it was longer than that, I lost count after the first fortmonth. Is that a word? I know fortnight is and someone it means two weeks. Surely the night bit makes it sound like two days instead of weeks. So I have decided that you can now use fortdaily, fortmonthly, forthourly and so on. Back to the original tangent, I do not like Macs. So I do not hate all of Microsoft, they make a nice laptop. The bit I hate is the Xbox division. I hate the people who do the packaging, or more specifically the stupid person who had the genius idea to put “Co-op 2-4” in the offline bit when you can not play it locally. I hate that person, why would anyone do that? They are just lying to sell more, I hate it when companies screw over their customer base.

I know it seems like a small thing to get mad about, but as you can tell I am a passionate person. In other words I overreact a lot. It really does my head in when they just sucker people into buying their games. It has happened to me about five times. I can get past it a few times, but it just grinds after a bit. So because of that I have decided to migrate almost completely to Sony. I have both the PS3 and the Xbox. I used to love the Xbox but after this it just doesn’t seem worth it. That and I never liked having to pay for playing online with people. Seems like they were just screwing money out of as many places as possible. The PS3 is a different matter. Free internet, better games on the Playstation store, connectable with the PSP and many other things. I love the PS3, so from now on I will be staying almost exclusively to that console with new games. The only exceptions being Bioware games since ME1 wasnt released on PS3. Besides I have issues with my things being sets if you understand. So the fact that Sony produce laptops, TVs, game consoles and the like I like the idea of having all my stuff being under the one brand. So far I have a  PS3, PSP and the new Xperia S phone. I am a bit weird.

So yeah, I hate the Xbox packaging team. People would buy the games anyway, there is no reason to lie on the sodding boxes. Small reason to boycott a company but it is a big problem for me. Thank you for reading.


Also, I am continuing to raise awareness for the consumers at Comet. Read the Important Notice sticky I have made, read the article and read the comment Scootar wrote on the “End of a gaming era” post. Spread the message around, workers need justice. Thank you.

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