Posted: March 29, 2012 in Sports
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I do not understand the interest and the hype about footballers. They are just overpaid monkeys with well coordinated feet. I am not saying they are completely useless, they give pleasure to many people and bring everyone together in the nation when the World Cup is up. The best example being the Christmas Truce football game in the first World War. However there is more evidence that footballers and football as a whole is a plague.

Let us start with the footballers. All they do is kick a ball around and then they earn a complete fuckload of money. Yes that is an official measurement of money if you are wondering. It is between a crapload and an absolute fuckload, the latter being the highest rated load. People who do something that is actually beneficial for humanity, like doctors, nurses, police officers and the like earn nowhere near that amount. It is ridiculous, surely people who help humanity or animals or the environment should earn more than someone who just kicks a ball. A lot of the footballers seem to only care about the money too. You do not see much loyalty amongst them, if they got offered a contract to a different team then they would take it. Even now during the financial bugger up if the managers tried to offer less money to the players to help ease the tension I am guessing about 78% of the players would strike until the managers dropped it. They earn all of this despite all the crap they constantly pull. The racism between players, the cheating they do relationshipwise, the cheating they do game wise. It is just a complete mockery of the job market.

I have never been a big fan of football anyway. I like playing it and I like playing the video games, but I can not sit through a whole game. It is so boring. I can watch Ice Hockey, Basketball, American Football, Baseball, Racing, I could even watch Tennis, but Football is just too dull. I do not see the appeal. I especially do not see how people can go so worked up over it, or any sport. There is someone on Facebook who brags whenever his team is winning or wins, and then whenever they lose he just puts “Played well, doesn’t matter we lost”. It is so infuriating. So hypocritical and petty how people do that. My team in the four major sports are all Minnesota based and they suck quite frankly. When they win then it is quite good, I cheer and will get hyped and vocalise it on social mediums. When they lose, it sucks but I wont go around being angry at the other teams supporters or mope. It’s just so petty. And the hooligans in football. The ones who vandalise public property when they lose. It is so stupid, it’s a meaningless game, losing will not end the world. Don’t trash someonelses city just because of that, such a sodding childish thing to do. It is something I would expect my close to three-year old nephew to do, not grown up people.

Footballers are overrated and overpaid in my view. It’s good people enjoy it and all but it gets taken too far by people. I don’t like it anyway. Thank you for reading. I welcome the criticism from the football fans.

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