Game Review: Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City

Posted: March 31, 2012 in Games
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I brought this game on the day of this release since I was looking forward to it quite a lot. admittedly I forgot on the day and the ones leading up to it, only realising when my friend pointed it out. I forgot how he did it since he isn’t a fan. So I went to HMV to buy it, but it was out of stock so I had to travel to Argos instead. Regardless I go the game and I hae played it. This will be my first relatively current game review, so lets crack on.

Gameplay 10/10

I quite enjoyed the gameplay. It is fantastically deep for a linear game. Some of the main side quests the game has are all to do with finding stuff. For example, shooting cameras, finding raccoon statues and finding data. The thing that makes the quests quite fun is the fact that the game hides the items quite well. The data is small and on tables so even though it seems simple enough to search all tables they can still be hid quite well. The cameras are extremely difficult to find, at least to me since I don’t like staring at the ceiling all the time whilst running around, so that is a challenge. And the Raccoon trophy is hard to find even though it is big and in your face. So the mini mission is quite difficult. As for the gameplay itself it is a massive step away from normal Resident Evil gameplay. You move around more fluidly and can run whilst aiming so that is good. Each of the characters have their own special abilities which is quite cool, and I will go into under characters. You unlock new weapons and abilities by using experience points you get in obvious ways, so there is a degree of customisation in a sense which is nice. One of the nice new implements is the ability to have your teammates turn into zombies. I have not seen it yet, but apparently if you leave your partners infected and they have their health down to zero they turn. You can then either kill them, use antiviral on them to turn them back or wait it out for them to turn back. Although it doesn’t make sense (if your characters can automatically turn back then why can’t all other zombies) it is a nice idea. Another big thing is the ability to effect the story through your actions. The one that the game advertises, and the only one I have found and read about, is the ability to get Leon Kennedy killed. Now who would kill Leon is a big question since he rocks, but if there are more choices besides that then it is a nice idea to do. Overall it s a new direction for Resident Evil and we will have to see how it goes.







Characters 6/10

As I said the characters all have special powers. You get to play as one of the “Wolfpack” and have three people who fight with you. There is “Vector” who is the stealth one of the team. He can get abilities to turn invisible, run without noise and avoid detection. There is “Beltway” who is the explosive expert, his abilities concern around explosions of course. Trip mines, frag grenades and the like, along with quicker uses of grenades and more defence against grenades. “Spectre” is someone who can detect enemies and items from a distance with his skill. This may work with data and the like, I never thought about that. Must check. “Bertha” is the medic, more healing, damage and heals infected, reduce damage and stuff like that. “Four Eyes” is a scientists who can shots bullets that infect enemies, fire gas that attracts the infected and can even control enemies, which is quite cool. Finnaly is “Lupo”, Wolfpack Leader. As such she is the powerhouse, she can use incendiary rounds, reload faster, lower damage and have infinite ammo for short amount of times. Even though the abilities sound good, the characters themselves are distinctly average. They are not engaging at all. The only good characters are the cameos from old characters. HUNK, Leon and I think Jill at one point. So in conclusion, good in gameplay bad in conversation.



Graphic/Sound = 5/10

I combined these two simply because there is not much to say about either of them. They are both distinctly average. Not too good but not too bad. All the average words like that anyway. Not much else to put really.

Overall 7/10

Overall it is an average game in any sense of the word. It has got some good gameplay to it but nothing too innovative or outstanding. They could have done more with the story altering choices but they did not do it well enough. It is even behind “Army of Two” for the choice system, and that was quite basic. I enjoy the game, it has good playability but you can find better games. In comparison to Resident Evil 5, the latest in the main series, it falls short. Resident Evil 5 can be played local co-op whereas this can not be, despite it looking like a fantastic game to play two player locally. So if you want a Resident Evil experience get 5, in fact get the gold edition of five, much better in my opinion. So yeah, good game but there are better.

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