Music Review: Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Posted: March 31, 2012 in Music
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I listened to this album recently and I absolutely love it, when I have been out it is all I listen to really. I absolutely love this album but I will try to be unbiased.

This is Black Stone Cherry’s (Black Stone Cherries? I prefer the second but the first is accurate, Shame) third album. The “difficult third album” as the phrase goes. They do not disappoint. The first two album they made where good, I do not know which I prefer, but that does not matter since “Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea” is leagues better than both of them. They maintain their mixture of hard rock and a few less heavy songs. For example, two of the songs released as singles from this album “Blame it on the Boom Boom” and “White Trash Millionaire” are quite heavy guitar wise. “White Trash Millionaire” has a strong guitar presence throughout. It starts loud and stays loud. The lyrics in the song are quite good as well. It seems to be about the fake happiness and friends that money can get you and the real happiness being with friends and enjoying little things in life can bring, like smoking with friends; “I got two zig-zags and you know I’ll share”. It is a nice song. “Blame it on the Boom Boom” is quite ridiculous though, one of those songs you hear from bands about sex and the like. Another song with a powerful guitar presence in keeping with the bands rock genre, another great song. The third single released from the album is “In My Blood”, an example of the softer songs Black Stone Cherry do, such as “Peace is Free” off Folklore and Superstition. They do not do many of them but they are still fantastic songs I think. To be honest, I do not know what “In My Blood” is about but I love the music in it. If I had to guess it’d be from the point of view of someone who leaves things behind but won’t forget them, since they are in their blood. Most likely wrong but I enjoy it. “Such a Shame” is another fantastic song on the album. Another heavy rock song that deals with, from what I can tell, the effects that neglect from parents can have on people; “It wasn’t her fault, that you weren’t around To keep her away from the things that she found” and the chorus that is about the girl being dead and asking “who’s to blame?”, which is quite a lovely song. As I said before this album is much better then the other two, and I can not stop listening to it. It just brims with the essence of Black Stone Cherry, and any listener of rock music has to listen to it, even if you do not like or have not heard BSC before.

Best Song – Such a Shame

Remember the trouble I had picking the best song on Rise Against’s album? Or was it the worst? I can’t remember. Anyway this is much worse. I had four songs to pick from out of this; “White Trash Millionaire”, “Such a Shame”, “Die For You” and “Killing Floor”. I missed out “Blame it on the Boom Boom” because no matter how good it pales in comparison to these three. Seriously, listen to all of them. They have fantastic lyrics, amazing rhythm and incredible guitar. “Such a Shame” won the title because it had the stronger and more important message in the lyrics. Like I said it is about the effect neglect and mistreatment can have on children, in this case a daughter, to the point of death. A strong message in the song, backed up by a powerful guitar throughout. In combination with the drums it makes a compelling opening and then the drums back off a bit and lets the guitar take over in the chorus. This works well since with the chorus coming out strongly. Then the solo in the middle is incredible as well. It is just an incredible song, but you still need to listen to all four of them.

Worst Game – Let Me See You Shake

The only way I can justify this song being good is if used in the entrance of through the act of a stripper, since it’s about wanting to see a woman shake her arse essential. The guitar in the song is admittedly ok, quite repetitive at times but the solo is quite good, even if it is only about twenty seconds. All together though I don’t like this song. The lyrics are basically just “Let me See You Shake” with a few other words thrown around it to keep it fresh. It fails. It is a bad song with good guitar pretty much. Avoid repeating this one if you can, once is enough in my opinion.

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