Movie Review – Pulp Fiction

Posted: April 1, 2012 in Moving Image
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I am quite disappointed in myself for not doing this one earlier. This is my favourite movie of all time, so I should have done it to begin with. Bad Shaun. Anyway this movie has got everything you could ask for; Great music, amazing cast, fantastic storyline and so on. So let us get on with this than before I explode in disappointment that I did not do this sooner.

Concept 10/10

There is a lot of angles to this films, and by angles I mean points of view. To begin with there is the story of the hitmen Vincent and Jules, both together and separate. The separate ones are Vincent and his interactions with local crime boss Marsellus Wallace’s wife Mia, and Jules with his message from god to stop killing. Although Jules’s one takes place with Vincent so not really separate. Then there is fighter Butch’s story that I can’t go into with spoiling it for people who have not watched it, basically he pisses off Marsellus and has to run away. Then the other story is about a robbery with two criminals dubbed “Honey Bunny” and “Pumpkin”. Not only are they quite engaging storylines the way that they overlap is quite good, they all come together to make one story which is good. The story itself is in a non-linear pattern, so the beginning is the middle of the overall story and the end is the end of the middle of the overall story and stuff like that. It is not that hard to follow either, and it makes the story much more fun to watch as you try to piece together the bits you havent seen yet. Overall a nice story well executed by Tarantino.

Characters 10/10

I liked all of the characters in the film. I do not want to list all of them and say why they are good as there is too many of them and it will get boring, so I will mention a few particular good ones. A notable characters is Marcellus. He is the crime boss so obviously he is a hard ass who does not take any shit, which is portrayed quite well. Also there are rumours in the film of his jealous and how he threw someone out the window for looking at his wife if I recall correct. Even after something undignified happens to him he still seems like a tough SOB. The casting for him was fantastic as Ving Rhames just admits an aura of badassness. Vincent is another good character. Played by John Travolta, who is a fantastic actor if you omit that god awful Grease shit, Vincent is a wise cracking smooth hitman. That is all I can say about him really, great actor and my favourite character. There are tons of good characters and the ones you are ment to not like are played quite well as well, the “antagonists” Zed and his friend just ooze psychopathic. Also, the film has Samuel L. Jackson in it. Enough said.

Storyline 10/10

I slightly covered this before because I forgot I had this section. So as I said there is multiple different stories that are woven into the one great story. The various characters meet in the storylines, and something I only just realised when they do it is normally a bad thing to happen. There is enough depth in each of the individual storyline to keep you intrigued in each of them, not like little mini episodes that are too rushed and just are quite shit. I think the storyline is quite good in all the different parts. The way that the film flows adds to the film I find. Normally if something is out-of-order it annoys since I am obsessive but I generally loved this film. I need to buy it soon.

Overall 10/10

I can not think of anything bad to say about this film. The only quarrel I can think of is that they made Samuel L. Jackson the same as he is in most other movies, they just added a religious aspect to him. He is still a fantastic character though so it is all good. This is my favourite film of all time, I love it to pieces. It is engaging, funny, has some action too it, someone gets killed by a samurai sword which is cool, the list goes on. I just love it completely and everyone must see it. My friend just told me he has not seen it all the way through. I hate him now.

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