Police Rules

Posted: April 2, 2012 in Life
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So recently in the papers, and by recently I mean today and three or a bit days ago so I am getting better and being topical, there has been the story of the police officer who assaulted a person by headbutting them and throwing them into the bonnet of their car. Now that would be all well and good if the person was not a minor and had done anything, but there was a balls up on both count. The asualtee was a fourteen year old boy who, as far as I have read after searching through many articles, did nothing.

The event was that the dad of the child allegedly was speaking on a mobile whilst driving home from a classic car rally, or something along those lines, and the police officer stopped them. The passenger and driver claim that the officer used “excessive force” and both of them ended up injured with cuts. Since the officer was suspended its safe to assume that the accusations where correct. That means that one of our police officers felt it ok to headbutt a child to get them out of the car when it was the adult who did stuff. I have not found anything on the internet that says what happened but I am assuming the worst that the teenager could have done was be a little shit, as fourteen year kids are prone to be like. If he did any worse than it would have been in the paper that the teen attacked the officer or something, but there was not so I shall assume that he attacked the boy for no good reason.

I have voiced my dislike of the police forced in other posts, and since than they apparently have no bucked up at all since there is still shit like this in the papers. I still raise the question of how can we, the public, entrust our safety to people who have no quarrel with using force without reason? I read online before that the officer was not prisoned and only got a three-month suspension. That is pathetic. If it was a member of the public they would have been jailed, but because he is a member of the force he got the equivalent of sod all. He was let off, that is disgusting. I hate all the double standards in this. Whenever a police officer does something that get a more lenient sentence then a member of the public. In my opinion they should get worse since they are ment to uphold the law so when they break it they should fall harder. Other then that, they shouldnt break it in the first place, since that arrest people for that. Its hypocritical and it is just disgusting. They should be held to the same standards as everyone else. If I went out and punched a fourteen year old I would be prisoned, so why was he not?

I was researching this so I could make sure I got my facts straight, I do not want to be accused of badmouthing without reason. Although I do so it is a fair accusation. Anyway, I found the article in the Daily Mail but I also found something else disturbing. Apparently three years ago a police officer assaulted an autistic boy. The boy in question jumped into a swimming pool in his clothes, so the police officer forced him out of the pool and forcefully restrained him in arm and leg restraints. apparently the judge said they where acting on what they thought were best. How is forcing someone out of a pool and restraining them without bothering to check who he was or why he did it the best thing to do? And even then why restrain them> Why not just put them out the pool and rap their knuckles? Even if they did not know he was disabled they acted out of line. The boys human rights where breached so the officers were convicted. It is fair enough that they were doing what was best at the time, I can get past that. What pisses me off is that the force will not even apologise. They have been refused appeal by the court but still wont apologise when they clearly did some bad shit. It is just pathetic and just lower than low.

The police do good work in general, I appreciate and understand that. But all the hypocrisy and god complex some officers seem to have, thinking they can do anything and not have to apologise or face consequences, overshadows it. They are ment to uphold the law and protect us but instead more and more stories come to light showing they break the law and harm the public. They do good things too, I know that, but too many of the officers pull this shit too much. It has to stop, and I think everyone can agree on that statement. Thank you and goodnight.

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