Hello people, this is important and startling news. I wrote last night about GAME and the four buyers, OpCapita being one of them. Someone named Scootar commented on the post which some unsettling news about OpCapita. The company is laying off a lot of workers, over 600 nationwide, from various sectors and refusing to pay the workers under national average wage any significant redundancy pay. This came about a covert changing of the redundancy clause in the workers contracts, this being covert as the workers did not know. The company has said it is because via a “financial decision” since the company has no money, and now they are in a bidding war to buy GAME. It is a bit stupid that a moneyless company is trying to buy GAME, but it is completely unacceptable that they are screwing their workers out of thousands of pounds and just throwing them out. This is wrong on a moral level, an ethics level and a human level essentially. We need to raise awareness of this disgusting turn of events for the workers who need the redundancy money to live on. Please tell as many people as you can so we can get justice for the innocent workforce and make this tyrannical company give them the money they deserve. Read the comment on the “End of a gaming era” post to see what Scootar, one of the workers at Comet, originally said since he puts it more clear. Here is the article link he put from the Evening Times: http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/news/fury-as-comet-workers-to-miss-1m-redundancy-boost-1.1155239. Thank you, and I hope people start spreading this around, it is important.

Police Rules

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So recently in the papers, and by recently I mean today and three or a bit days ago so I am getting better and being topical, there has been the story of the police officer who assaulted a person by headbutting them and throwing them into the bonnet of their car. Now that would be all well and good if the person was not a minor and had done anything, but there was a balls up on both count. The asualtee was a fourteen year old boy who, as far as I have read after searching through many articles, did nothing.

The event was that the dad of the child allegedly was speaking on a mobile whilst driving home from a classic car rally, or something along those lines, and the police officer stopped them. The passenger and driver claim that the officer used “excessive force” and both of them ended up injured with cuts. Since the officer was suspended its safe to assume that the accusations where correct. That means that one of our police officers felt it ok to headbutt a child to get them out of the car when it was the adult who did stuff. I have not found anything on the internet that says what happened but I am assuming the worst that the teenager could have done was be a little shit, as fourteen year kids are prone to be like. If he did any worse than it would have been in the paper that the teen attacked the officer or something, but there was not so I shall assume that he attacked the boy for no good reason.

I have voiced my dislike of the police forced in other posts, and since than they apparently have no bucked up at all since there is still shit like this in the papers. I still raise the question of how can we, the public, entrust our safety to people who have no quarrel with using force without reason? I read online before that the officer was not prisoned and only got a three-month suspension. That is pathetic. If it was a member of the public they would have been jailed, but because he is a member of the force he got the equivalent of sod all. He was let off, that is disgusting. I hate all the double standards in this. Whenever a police officer does something that get a more lenient sentence then a member of the public. In my opinion they should get worse since they are ment to uphold the law so when they break it they should fall harder. Other then that, they shouldnt break it in the first place, since that arrest people for that. Its hypocritical and it is just disgusting. They should be held to the same standards as everyone else. If I went out and punched a fourteen year old I would be prisoned, so why was he not?

I was researching this so I could make sure I got my facts straight, I do not want to be accused of badmouthing without reason. Although I do so it is a fair accusation. Anyway, I found the article in the Daily Mail but I also found something else disturbing. Apparently three years ago a police officer assaulted an autistic boy. The boy in question jumped into a swimming pool in his clothes, so the police officer forced him out of the pool and forcefully restrained him in arm and leg restraints. apparently the judge said they where acting on what they thought were best. How is forcing someone out of a pool and restraining them without bothering to check who he was or why he did it the best thing to do? And even then why restrain them> Why not just put them out the pool and rap their knuckles? Even if they did not know he was disabled they acted out of line. The boys human rights where breached so the officers were convicted. It is fair enough that they were doing what was best at the time, I can get past that. What pisses me off is that the force will not even apologise. They have been refused appeal by the court but still wont apologise when they clearly did some bad shit. It is just pathetic and just lower than low.

The police do good work in general, I appreciate and understand that. But all the hypocrisy and god complex some officers seem to have, thinking they can do anything and not have to apologise or face consequences, overshadows it. They are ment to uphold the law and protect us but instead more and more stories come to light showing they break the law and harm the public. They do good things too, I know that, but too many of the officers pull this shit too much. It has to stop, and I think everyone can agree on that statement. Thank you and goodnight.

I am quite disappointed in myself for not doing this one earlier. This is my favourite movie of all time, so I should have done it to begin with. Bad Shaun. Anyway this movie has got everything you could ask for; Great music, amazing cast, fantastic storyline and so on. So let us get on with this than before I explode in disappointment that I did not do this sooner.

Concept 10/10

There is a lot of angles to this films, and by angles I mean points of view. To begin with there is the story of the hitmen Vincent and Jules, both together and separate. The separate ones are Vincent and his interactions with local crime boss Marsellus Wallace’s wife Mia, and Jules with his message from god to stop killing. Although Jules’s one takes place with Vincent so not really separate. Then there is fighter Butch’s story that I can’t go into with spoiling it for people who have not watched it, basically he pisses off Marsellus and has to run away. Then the other story is about a robbery with two criminals dubbed “Honey Bunny” and “Pumpkin”. Not only are they quite engaging storylines the way that they overlap is quite good, they all come together to make one story which is good. The story itself is in a non-linear pattern, so the beginning is the middle of the overall story and the end is the end of the middle of the overall story and stuff like that. It is not that hard to follow either, and it makes the story much more fun to watch as you try to piece together the bits you havent seen yet. Overall a nice story well executed by Tarantino.

Characters 10/10

I liked all of the characters in the film. I do not want to list all of them and say why they are good as there is too many of them and it will get boring, so I will mention a few particular good ones. A notable characters is Marcellus. He is the crime boss so obviously he is a hard ass who does not take any shit, which is portrayed quite well. Also there are rumours in the film of his jealous and how he threw someone out the window for looking at his wife if I recall correct. Even after something undignified happens to him he still seems like a tough SOB. The casting for him was fantastic as Ving Rhames just admits an aura of badassness. Vincent is another good character. Played by John Travolta, who is a fantastic actor if you omit that god awful Grease shit, Vincent is a wise cracking smooth hitman. That is all I can say about him really, great actor and my favourite character. There are tons of good characters and the ones you are ment to not like are played quite well as well, the “antagonists” Zed and his friend just ooze psychopathic. Also, the film has Samuel L. Jackson in it. Enough said.

Storyline 10/10

I slightly covered this before because I forgot I had this section. So as I said there is multiple different stories that are woven into the one great story. The various characters meet in the storylines, and something I only just realised when they do it is normally a bad thing to happen. There is enough depth in each of the individual storyline to keep you intrigued in each of them, not like little mini episodes that are too rushed and just are quite shit. I think the storyline is quite good in all the different parts. The way that the film flows adds to the film I find. Normally if something is out-of-order it annoys since I am obsessive but I generally loved this film. I need to buy it soon.

Overall 10/10

I can not think of anything bad to say about this film. The only quarrel I can think of is that they made Samuel L. Jackson the same as he is in most other movies, they just added a religious aspect to him. He is still a fantastic character though so it is all good. This is my favourite film of all time, I love it to pieces. It is engaging, funny, has some action too it, someone gets killed by a samurai sword which is cool, the list goes on. I just love it completely and everyone must see it. My friend just told me he has not seen it all the way through. I hate him now.

I listened to this album recently and I absolutely love it, when I have been out it is all I listen to really. I absolutely love this album but I will try to be unbiased.

This is Black Stone Cherry’s (Black Stone Cherries? I prefer the second but the first is accurate, Shame) third album. The “difficult third album” as the phrase goes. They do not disappoint. The first two album they made where good, I do not know which I prefer, but that does not matter since “Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea” is leagues better than both of them. They maintain their mixture of hard rock and a few less heavy songs. For example, two of the songs released as singles from this album “Blame it on the Boom Boom” and “White Trash Millionaire” are quite heavy guitar wise. “White Trash Millionaire” has a strong guitar presence throughout. It starts loud and stays loud. The lyrics in the song are quite good as well. It seems to be about the fake happiness and friends that money can get you and the real happiness being with friends and enjoying little things in life can bring, like smoking with friends; “I got two zig-zags and you know I’ll share”. It is a nice song. “Blame it on the Boom Boom” is quite ridiculous though, one of those songs you hear from bands about sex and the like. Another song with a powerful guitar presence in keeping with the bands rock genre, another great song. The third single released from the album is “In My Blood”, an example of the softer songs Black Stone Cherry do, such as “Peace is Free” off Folklore and Superstition. They do not do many of them but they are still fantastic songs I think. To be honest, I do not know what “In My Blood” is about but I love the music in it. If I had to guess it’d be from the point of view of someone who leaves things behind but won’t forget them, since they are in their blood. Most likely wrong but I enjoy it. “Such a Shame” is another fantastic song on the album. Another heavy rock song that deals with, from what I can tell, the effects that neglect from parents can have on people; “It wasn’t her fault, that you weren’t around To keep her away from the things that she found” and the chorus that is about the girl being dead and asking “who’s to blame?”, which is quite a lovely song. As I said before this album is much better then the other two, and I can not stop listening to it. It just brims with the essence of Black Stone Cherry, and any listener of rock music has to listen to it, even if you do not like or have not heard BSC before.

Best Song – Such a Shame

Remember the trouble I had picking the best song on Rise Against’s album? Or was it the worst? I can’t remember. Anyway this is much worse. I had four songs to pick from out of this; “White Trash Millionaire”, “Such a Shame”, “Die For You” and “Killing Floor”. I missed out “Blame it on the Boom Boom” because no matter how good it pales in comparison to these three. Seriously, listen to all of them. They have fantastic lyrics, amazing rhythm and incredible guitar. “Such a Shame” won the title because it had the stronger and more important message in the lyrics. Like I said it is about the effect neglect and mistreatment can have on children, in this case a daughter, to the point of death. A strong message in the song, backed up by a powerful guitar throughout. In combination with the drums it makes a compelling opening and then the drums back off a bit and lets the guitar take over in the chorus. This works well since with the chorus coming out strongly. Then the solo in the middle is incredible as well. It is just an incredible song, but you still need to listen to all four of them.

Worst Game – Let Me See You Shake

The only way I can justify this song being good is if used in the entrance of through the act of a stripper, since it’s about wanting to see a woman shake her arse essential. The guitar in the song is admittedly ok, quite repetitive at times but the solo is quite good, even if it is only about twenty seconds. All together though I don’t like this song. The lyrics are basically just “Let me See You Shake” with a few other words thrown around it to keep it fresh. It fails. It is a bad song with good guitar pretty much. Avoid repeating this one if you can, once is enough in my opinion.

I brought this game on the day of this release since I was looking forward to it quite a lot. admittedly I forgot on the day and the ones leading up to it, only realising when my friend pointed it out. I forgot how he did it since he isn’t a fan. So I went to HMV to buy it, but it was out of stock so I had to travel to Argos instead. Regardless I go the game and I hae played it. This will be my first relatively current game review, so lets crack on.

Gameplay 10/10

I quite enjoyed the gameplay. It is fantastically deep for a linear game. Some of the main side quests the game has are all to do with finding stuff. For example, shooting cameras, finding raccoon statues and finding data. The thing that makes the quests quite fun is the fact that the game hides the items quite well. The data is small and on tables so even though it seems simple enough to search all tables they can still be hid quite well. The cameras are extremely difficult to find, at least to me since I don’t like staring at the ceiling all the time whilst running around, so that is a challenge. And the Raccoon trophy is hard to find even though it is big and in your face. So the mini mission is quite difficult. As for the gameplay itself it is a massive step away from normal Resident Evil gameplay. You move around more fluidly and can run whilst aiming so that is good. Each of the characters have their own special abilities which is quite cool, and I will go into under characters. You unlock new weapons and abilities by using experience points you get in obvious ways, so there is a degree of customisation in a sense which is nice. One of the nice new implements is the ability to have your teammates turn into zombies. I have not seen it yet, but apparently if you leave your partners infected and they have their health down to zero they turn. You can then either kill them, use antiviral on them to turn them back or wait it out for them to turn back. Although it doesn’t make sense (if your characters can automatically turn back then why can’t all other zombies) it is a nice idea. Another big thing is the ability to effect the story through your actions. The one that the game advertises, and the only one I have found and read about, is the ability to get Leon Kennedy killed. Now who would kill Leon is a big question since he rocks, but if there are more choices besides that then it is a nice idea to do. Overall it s a new direction for Resident Evil and we will have to see how it goes.







Characters 6/10

As I said the characters all have special powers. You get to play as one of the “Wolfpack” and have three people who fight with you. There is “Vector” who is the stealth one of the team. He can get abilities to turn invisible, run without noise and avoid detection. There is “Beltway” who is the explosive expert, his abilities concern around explosions of course. Trip mines, frag grenades and the like, along with quicker uses of grenades and more defence against grenades. “Spectre” is someone who can detect enemies and items from a distance with his skill. This may work with data and the like, I never thought about that. Must check. “Bertha” is the medic, more healing, damage and heals infected, reduce damage and stuff like that. “Four Eyes” is a scientists who can shots bullets that infect enemies, fire gas that attracts the infected and can even control enemies, which is quite cool. Finnaly is “Lupo”, Wolfpack Leader. As such she is the powerhouse, she can use incendiary rounds, reload faster, lower damage and have infinite ammo for short amount of times. Even though the abilities sound good, the characters themselves are distinctly average. They are not engaging at all. The only good characters are the cameos from old characters. HUNK, Leon and I think Jill at one point. So in conclusion, good in gameplay bad in conversation.



Graphic/Sound = 5/10

I combined these two simply because there is not much to say about either of them. They are both distinctly average. Not too good but not too bad. All the average words like that anyway. Not much else to put really.

Overall 7/10

Overall it is an average game in any sense of the word. It has got some good gameplay to it but nothing too innovative or outstanding. They could have done more with the story altering choices but they did not do it well enough. It is even behind “Army of Two” for the choice system, and that was quite basic. I enjoy the game, it has good playability but you can find better games. In comparison to Resident Evil 5, the latest in the main series, it falls short. Resident Evil 5 can be played local co-op whereas this can not be, despite it looking like a fantastic game to play two player locally. So if you want a Resident Evil experience get 5, in fact get the gold edition of five, much better in my opinion. So yeah, good game but there are better.


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Its just one thing after another around here. Fuse box decided to go when I was halfway through doing review. Internet went and had no idea what went wrong. Fixed it before though, extension cables fuse went and kept tripping the saftey switch. So heres whats going to happen. I have to go out now to visit my nan so when I get back I will do both yesterdsys and todays reviews. Thank you for reading my blog and dtaying even when all this crap keeps happening. Im still determined to do this daily and will continue to do so, unless shit like this continues to happen. Really bad luck recently. Goodbye.


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I do not understand the interest and the hype about footballers. They are just overpaid monkeys with well coordinated feet. I am not saying they are completely useless, they give pleasure to many people and bring everyone together in the nation when the World Cup is up. The best example being the Christmas Truce football game in the first World War. However there is more evidence that footballers and football as a whole is a plague.

Let us start with the footballers. All they do is kick a ball around and then they earn a complete fuckload of money. Yes that is an official measurement of money if you are wondering. It is between a crapload and an absolute fuckload, the latter being the highest rated load. People who do something that is actually beneficial for humanity, like doctors, nurses, police officers and the like earn nowhere near that amount. It is ridiculous, surely people who help humanity or animals or the environment should earn more than someone who just kicks a ball. A lot of the footballers seem to only care about the money too. You do not see much loyalty amongst them, if they got offered a contract to a different team then they would take it. Even now during the financial bugger up if the managers tried to offer less money to the players to help ease the tension I am guessing about 78% of the players would strike until the managers dropped it. They earn all of this despite all the crap they constantly pull. The racism between players, the cheating they do relationshipwise, the cheating they do game wise. It is just a complete mockery of the job market.

I have never been a big fan of football anyway. I like playing it and I like playing the video games, but I can not sit through a whole game. It is so boring. I can watch Ice Hockey, Basketball, American Football, Baseball, Racing, I could even watch Tennis, but Football is just too dull. I do not see the appeal. I especially do not see how people can go so worked up over it, or any sport. There is someone on Facebook who brags whenever his team is winning or wins, and then whenever they lose he just puts “Played well, doesn’t matter we lost”. It is so infuriating. So hypocritical and petty how people do that. My team in the four major sports are all Minnesota based and they suck quite frankly. When they win then it is quite good, I cheer and will get hyped and vocalise it on social mediums. When they lose, it sucks but I wont go around being angry at the other teams supporters or mope. It’s just so petty. And the hooligans in football. The ones who vandalise public property when they lose. It is so stupid, it’s a meaningless game, losing will not end the world. Don’t trash someonelses city just because of that, such a sodding childish thing to do. It is something I would expect my close to three-year old nephew to do, not grown up people.

Footballers are overrated and overpaid in my view. It’s good people enjoy it and all but it gets taken too far by people. I don’t like it anyway. Thank you for reading. I welcome the criticism from the football fans.

Microsoft, Xbox Failures and Sony

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It has recently come to my attention that Microsoft are a bunch of rip off artists and a bunch of weekends. That is putting it nicely. I am extremely angry at them for lying to their consumers just to rip them off. That is my view anyway.

I do not want it to sound like I hate all of Microsoft. I love my Laptop, and that uses Windows. I would always pick a Microsoft based computer over an Apple Mac. I hate the Macs. We had to use Macs all through college to do our work on. Now they are a nice bit of kit. Final Cut Pro and all the jazz was extremely useful in Media Studies BTEC for editing movies. That music program was great as well, I forget the name. But oh dear god was it bugged as hell. The speed that Macs ran at was so slow, it really pissed me off when you just sit there watching that little loading wheel spin and stop for about a decade. I think it was longer than that, I lost count after the first fortmonth. Is that a word? I know fortnight is and someone it means two weeks. Surely the night bit makes it sound like two days instead of weeks. So I have decided that you can now use fortdaily, fortmonthly, forthourly and so on. Back to the original tangent, I do not like Macs. So I do not hate all of Microsoft, they make a nice laptop. The bit I hate is the Xbox division. I hate the people who do the packaging, or more specifically the stupid person who had the genius idea to put “Co-op 2-4” in the offline bit when you can not play it locally. I hate that person, why would anyone do that? They are just lying to sell more, I hate it when companies screw over their customer base.

I know it seems like a small thing to get mad about, but as you can tell I am a passionate person. In other words I overreact a lot. It really does my head in when they just sucker people into buying their games. It has happened to me about five times. I can get past it a few times, but it just grinds after a bit. So because of that I have decided to migrate almost completely to Sony. I have both the PS3 and the Xbox. I used to love the Xbox but after this it just doesn’t seem worth it. That and I never liked having to pay for playing online with people. Seems like they were just screwing money out of as many places as possible. The PS3 is a different matter. Free internet, better games on the Playstation store, connectable with the PSP and many other things. I love the PS3, so from now on I will be staying almost exclusively to that console with new games. The only exceptions being Bioware games since ME1 wasnt released on PS3. Besides I have issues with my things being sets if you understand. So the fact that Sony produce laptops, TVs, game consoles and the like I like the idea of having all my stuff being under the one brand. So far I have a  PS3, PSP and the new Xperia S phone. I am a bit weird.

So yeah, I hate the Xbox packaging team. People would buy the games anyway, there is no reason to lie on the sodding boxes. Small reason to boycott a company but it is a big problem for me. Thank you for reading.


Also, I am continuing to raise awareness for the consumers at Comet. Read the Important Notice sticky I have made, read the article and read the comment Scootar wrote on the “End of a gaming era” post. Spread the message around, workers need justice. Thank you.

It is a sad, sad day today. Game Group, that is the company that owns the GAME and Gamestation brands, has gone into administration, resulting in over 350 shops to be closed in the UK and also over 2000 people losing their jobs? How terrible is that? I can not decide which is sadder. Obviously the job losses are worst, but the closing is still shite.

MJA Jervis and SD Maddison have been now appointed as joint administration. I am pretty sure that means they now run the place as they are the ones who has slashed and burned the group, effectively ended the brand I reckon. I have decided to do some research into these two names. Five minutes after typing that I have found absolutely fuck all. All I found was news saying those two are now the administrators for Game Group. So two unknowns. I think they are investment firms, I read that in the paper. The plan is that they want to keep some of the store open until they sell the business onto a buyer. Right now the websites are down whilst the transition is being made, and probably wont be up for a while. Watch them be up as soon as I post this.

From what I read online a few days ago there are four potential buyers of the group; OpCapita, Walmart, GameStop and Hilco UK. OpCapita is the investment firm that brought Comet for £2 last year and then proceeded to turn it around. It is not a massive company but its doing well. They have expressed interest in the loyalty of the customers and the pre owned business, and have a proven track record, but lenders have refused to agree and also the firm would most likely cut more from the company to save money. Walmart is the big American corporation that owns Asda, and it is unclear what they want. There is some speculation that they will only have one store in each city and turn the rest into Asda Express to rival Tesco. So that is bad. GameStop is the big game company I am sure you know about. I also found out it owns Kongregate recently. I love that site. Anyway, what they want to do is wait until administration (i.e. now) and pick the pieces of GAME it wants. They do not want any places in Australia or France so will focus on UK and Spain so they can branch out and get more money. The good news is that they would apparently leave the store staff as they are, but seeing as stores has already been shut I don’t know what will happen now. Hilco is “retail restructuring firm” which means it helps retail shops, obviously. So they are well-known, however all they want is the international businesses, so we in the UK would miss out.

Out of those four, it seems that OpCapita or GameStop would be the best. Losing some employees would suck but at least the places would stay with OpCapita and with GameStop then the UK would stay open but International would suffer which is bad. But, seeing as GameStop is largely online based then it is not a certainty that they could run store based businesses well. So that leaves OpCapita if a deal can be made. Either way, will it make much of a difference? In all honesty this seems like the beginning of the end for Game Group.

More game buying is being done online, mainly because you can find everything. HMV is getting into trouble as well due to this, so it is only a matter of time before media is all brought online. That is a shame really. I like having the stores, you get some interaction that way when you buy things, and the staff at the Gamestation in Southport where all fantastic, I loved them. I find it fun as well wandering around the shops browsing, doing that online takes away the satisfaction somehow. So yeah, no matter what happens it seems that media shops are going to be gone soon if business keeps going this way, it could get so bad that only food shops stay open. That sucks quite a lot. So I shall leave you on this bleak note. Farewell.

Laptop Breakage

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Ok, finally got my Laptop back. It decided to conk out last week since its shite and it has been getting fixed. Got it back today so yay. Sorry I could not tell you, forgot my password and the email address its associated with, disater. Anyhow back now so tonight I shall post. Goodbye.